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Creigh Deeds at Salem Headquarters with Carter Turner – Video

Deeds, Cabel Brand,Turner

Deeds, Cabel Brand,Turner

Creigh Deeds at Headquarters in Salem

Creigh Deeds at Headquarters in Salem

After outlining his priorities in an 11:00 AM webcast from George Mason University Creigh Deeds Democratic candidate for Governor made the rounds in Roanoke. He first stopped by the historic downtown Texas Tavern for some grub then popped in at the shared Democratic headquarters in Salem. The small space was packed, hot and humid. Even the partisan cat could take it no longer collapsing on the pavement adorned with a Turner for Delegate sticker. In all fairness it was a setup picture. The cat could have been an elephant with fur for all I know. The cat was not a McDonnell spy. The now familiar and friendly McDonnell camera spy had already easily been spotted. This would seem like a good job to have traveling all over the state filming an opponent’s every move waiting for that macaca moment. Where can I apply? No one would suspect a “mature” attractive  professional as myself but I digress.

Carter Turner, Democratic candidate for the 8th District House of Delegates who is bravely running against incumbent Republican Morgan Griffith introduced Deeds. Turner is smart and charismatic with a lot of backing – a strong candidate for a strong incumbent.

Deeds warned that time is short. He is behind in the polls but recalled the primary where he shot past his opponents in the stretch. Deeds expects to pull that off again. He passionately called for his supporters to raise the enthusiasm of the voters and get them to the polls.

Cats for Carter

Cats for Carter

Deeds new ad (in the sidebar) is similar to his effective ad that ran in the primary. This ad mentions former President George Bush and attempts to through “red meat” to the NOVA Democrats who are lackluster in their support of Deeds. Will it energize the base? Can Deeds pull a “come from behind” again? In the video he eluded to his loss to McDonnell by 300 votes in the election for Attorney General. Would any of the other two Democratic candidates had a better chance against McDonnell?

McDonnell is a strong candidate in polls that show the President’s favorability rating slipping. Deeds is fighting a “bloom that is off the rose” in Virginia. The coattails of the Obama phenomena have disappeared. Deeds needs to energize the African-American vote and NOVA to successfully make it to the finish line.

In Fairfax Deeds was introduced Friday by retired Delegate Jim Dillard, a Republican who represented Fairfax County for 32 years and served as Chairman of the House Education Committee. CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS.

 Parts of his speech at GMU follow:

“This is what this election is about: bringing economic opportunity to every corner of the Commonwealth, a commonsense bipartisan approach to cutting spending and managing government, and an unwavering and deep commitment to education,” Deeds said at GMU. “That is my record. That has been my priority for 20 years. This is who I am, and this is what I will do as your Governor.”

In his remarks today, Deeds said he was proud to be part of a Virginia tradition that puts results first – a tradition that was started by then-Governor Mark Warner in 2002 and continues under Governor Tim Kaine. Deeds pointed to the historic 2004 bipartisan budget and tax reform discussion as a defining moment in recent Virginia history: a moment when honest budgeting, accountability and bipartisan cooperation replaced budget gimmicks and partisan gamesmanship at the State Capitol in Richmond.

The bipartisan 2004 budget reform compromise saved Virginia’s best-in-the-nation bond rating, honored the state’s commitments to public schools, public safety officers and natural resource protection, and ultimately resulted in Virginia’s designation as the nation’s best-managed state [Governing Magazine], the best place to do business [ and CNBC], and as the top state in the nation in providing quality educational opportunities for its young people [Education Week].

Senator Deeds was a leader in forging that 2004 bipartisan agreement, and his opponent was a leading voice in the failed effort to engage in partisan gridlock and budget gimmicks to derail Virginia’s progress. “If my opponent did not support the most important bipartisan budget agreement in Virginia’s recent history, how is he going to approach this current budget crisis?” Deeds asked.

“Just last month, my opponent said he believes President Bush did a pretty good job—that the Bush administration’s economic policies of tax cuts for the super wealthy and for big corporations, and its irresponsible deregulation of Wall Street firms, were the reasons we had what he called ‘an economic revival in America.’ Well, the Virginians I’ve met during this campaign do not believe the economic approach of the Bush administration has worked,” Deeds said.

Since the economic downturn peaked last fall, 300,000 Virginians have joined the ranks of the unemployed and an estimated 48,000 Virginia homeowners have experienced mortgage foreclosure.

The 2009 campaign is about creating economic opportunity and bringing new jobs to every corner of the Commonwealth, and Deeds said his Republican opponent has a record of consistently opposing opportunities to move Virginia forward.

“I will move Virginia forward — and he will take us back,” Deeds said. “During his entire legislative career, my opponent did not sponsor a single bill to create jobs through economic development or to provide needed resources for education. Instead, his public service has demonstrated a career-long pattern of focusing on divisive social issues.”

During seven terms in the Virginia House of Delegates, Deeds’ opponent sponsored at least 35 bills that would restrict a woman’s legal right to choose. He also supported legislation allowing licensed pharmacists to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions, introduced legislation four times that would create a different “class” of marriage, and he continues to oppose the medical breakthroughs that are possible through stem cell research. He promoted government interference in the most personal of family decisions, such as those confronting the families of Terri Schiavo and Hugh Finn. He also consistently promoted vouchers for private schools, which would drain significant resources from underfunded public schools.

“This is my opponent’s record. He believes that his divisive social agenda should come before sound public policy, and his record certainly reflects that,” Deeds said. “As your next Governor, I will work in the moderate, reasonable and bipartisan tradition of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to create educational opportunity and new jobs to promote our economic progress.”

“I will reach across the aisle and bring people together to create long-term solutions that benefit the entire Commonwealth,” Deeds concluded. “That is what this campaign is about: keeping Virginia moving forward.”

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