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Creigh Deeds campaigns at Olde Salem Days – woman shaken after encounter – video



Democrats and Republicans staked out their turf Saturday at Olde Salem Days. The Democrats had the shady side of the street where Carter Turner’s T-Shirts sported the slogan “Not For Sale.”

The Salem Republican Chair, Greg Habeeb was stationed directly across at the Republican tent. He  didn’t much like Turner’s slogan insinuating Griffith “was for sale.”

Turner is running against Morgan Griffith HOD majority leader (R-8th District).

I guess you could make all kinds of  insinuations with the Democrats tent being on the shady side of the street and the Republican tent on the sunny side – “shady Democrats” and “the Republicans sweat” but I’ll stop there :)

Democratic candidate for governor, Senator Creigh Deeds arrived at 2:30 PM and immediately started making the rounds shaking hands and talking to the media. Roanoke County Clerk of Court Steve McGraw and Sheriff Gerald Holt held signs accompanying Deeds.

Everything was normal until Deeds encountered Betsy Clark, mother of Salem’s Democratic Chair Susan Doyle. As the video depicts Clark was accosted by the opposition (not staffers or volunteers from the Republican booth assured Habeeb).

Clark was visibly shaken by the encounter. She said a man and woman sporting all the Republican stickers began making crude remarks directed at her as she handed out Deeds and Turner stickers. “They got right up in my face yelling,” said Clark. A symptom of the town hall mentality with not much help from Congress in setting an example for constituents these days.

About 4:00 PM both camps started clearing out and hit the Fort Lewis Fire Station for some barbeque chicken. Both candidates Griffith and Turner made the rounds at the tables. Both looked beat.  CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS.

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David O'Neal

September 14th, 2009 at 11:01 PM    

Well I can tell you that one of our staff members was treated badly by Carter Turners staff. And profanity was used against him. So your gonna get it from both sides I guess?


September 15th, 2009 at 12:06 AM    

Rhetoric has been ratcheted up all the way around. I still say Congress is setting a bad example. People exhibiting this behavior serve Congress’ agenda. By not quelling the rude they send the perception that it is OK – so it perpetuates.

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