Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuccinelli announces campaign surrogates in 100 localities

FAIRFAX – Attorney General Cuccinelli announced that his campaign has assembled a statewide network of ‘Campaign Coordinators’ who will serve the dual function of acting as surrogates for the campaign to local Republican committees as well as to local conservative groups around the state.

“I am proud this week to announce that we have assembled an extraordinary team of leaders across the Commonwealth to serve as political coordinators and liaisons on behalf of my campaign. These coordinators will serve the essential function of delivering regular updates at their local republican committees, and will help us stay in touch and coordinate our political efforts all across Virginia,” said Attorney General Cuccinelli.

“It is our goal to let the men and women who worked so hard to elect Ken know exactly what he has accomplished so far in the AG’s office and keep our grassroots supporters informed as to what is going on in Richmond. This all starts at the local Republican committees and in conservative groups across the Commonwealth,” added Noah Wall, Cuccinelli’s Political Director.

The Cuccinelli campaign announced that as of this week it had over 100 counties and localities covered by its coordinators. There are 134 counties and localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Cuccinelli plans to have the remaining counties assigned coordinators by the end of the year.

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