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Cuccinelli confirms run for governor – AG candidates named

2009 Republican Ticket of McBolliNelli takes a bruising.

“At some point in 2012 I will more formally announce that I will seek to succeed Governor McDonnell in the 2013 election, and continue his positive record of pursuing opportunity for all Virginians,” said Cuccinelli.

With all the anonymous sources swirling around Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s future political plans his statement through his political director Noah Wall was issued late today.

This sets up a contest between Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for the Republican nomination. In previous statements Cuccinelli has hinted at the possibility but pressure resulting from a Republican official’s leak to media that begged for confirmation led to the issuance of his statement.

Bolling has made it clear he will seek the nomination for governor. Republicans now need to find candidates for attorney general and Lt. Governor. Governor Bob McDonnell is standing by his promise to support Bolling for governor in 2013. Bolling gave up his “turn” in 2009 for the sake of a united ticket. The understanding was that he would be heir to the governorship in 2013.

Speculation that McDonnell might be tapped to be a Vice-Presidential runing mate adds another head spinning twist. With this scenerio Bolling would step into the governorship and it sets up Wrestlemania 2013 in the Republican Party.

Salem Delegate Greg Habeeb was noncommittal for either Bolling or Cuccinelli but said, “I think we’re very lucky to have 2 great options.”

Habeeb said that Rob Bell, Albemarle Republican will seek the attorney general nomination for 2013. Other sources have Harrisonburg Republican Mark Obenshain as another candidate for the slot. (See more interesting commentary at

Republicans say they are looking for someone to excite their base while Bolling to many Republicans just doesn’t fill the void. Others have commented that Cuccinelli should wait his “turn” and let Bolling be the nominee and Cuccinelli should run as part of a ticket. That united ticket proved successful in 2009.

While the Republican base is pleased with the high profile attorney general’s decision it opens the door for a Democratic challenger for attorney general and lieutenant governor. Former Democratic primary candidate Terry McAuliffe has been the only gubernatorial candidate bandied about for 2013. Former House minority leader Ward Armstrong before he lost to Delegate Charles Poindexter had hinted at a statewide run. Even Roanoke’s Delegate Onzlee Ware when questioned about his travels told the press he was testing the waters too.

The favorite of the progressive Democrat blogs want former 5th district Rep. Tom Perriello and Senate Democratic caucus chairman Donald McEachin, D-Henrico to step up to the plate.

Statement from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli:

While there has been much speculation about what if anything I will pursue in the 2013 election year, I wanted to ensure that there would be no misunderstanding from this point on. My focus and priority for the next two years will be on doing the job I was elected to do as Virginia’s Attorney General. More immediately, during the upcoming legislative session we will continue to work with the Senate, House, Governor and Lieutenant Governor to protect liberty and advance opportunity in Virginia. At some point in 2012 I will more formally announce that I will seek to succeed Governor McDonnell in the 2013 election, and continue his positive record of pursuing opportunity for all Virginians.

Politically, we as Republicans need to continue to work toward less government, fostering an environment that increases jobs and improves our economic condition, and strives to elect a Republican President, a United States Senator and Congressional Delegation that will not only carry Virginia, but bring back to our nation a federal government that restrains itself in terms of both spending and the exercise of power, consistent with the first principles on which this nation was founded.

Lt. Governor Bolling disappointed by Cuccinelli’s decision to run for governor

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