Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cuccinelli gives $55,500 campaign donation to Virginia veterans charities

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

PRESS RELEASE: Wednesday, July 28  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced his intentions to donate $55,500 to veterans’ charities around the Commonwealth. The funds were originally donated to the Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General Campaign in the summer and fall of 2009 by Bobby Thompson.

In recent months, Thompson and a charity he directs, the United States Navy Veterans Association, both have come under scrutiny. In June the campaign set aside the funds donated by Thompson into a segregated account after Cuccinelli’s political staff worked to locate certain members of the group and came up empty handed. Most recently, Thompson’s lawyers have declared that they have been unable to locate Thompson despite their best efforts.

“We were practicing the principle of presumed innocence with Bobby Thompson, awaiting proof from law enforcement that the money he had given the campaign was either a legitimate donation or was not his to give. With Mr. Thompson’s recent disappearance and apparent unwillingness to maintain contact with his own attorneys, it seems that he does not wish to defend himself or the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. Because of this, I chose to divest my campaign of any funds associated with Mr. Thompson,” Cuccinelli said.

Over the past week the Attorney General and his political staff have been contacting veterans around the Commonwealth attempting to determine how to most effectively help veterans and their families. Cuccinelli stated “Our goal here is identify veterans’ charities that have an impact around the Commonwealth – and then direct those funds where they can be of most help to our nation’s heroes.”

Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign will announce when a decision has been reached on which charities to allocate the funds to.

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Thom Ryder

July 28th, 2010 at 11:39 PM    

I’m very pleased that the Attny. General has decided to do the honorable thing. I wonder what took him so long.

Oh yeah…“We were practicing the principle of presumed innocence with Bobby Thompson, awaiting proof from law enforcement….”

I wonder why he hasn’t practiced the same principle in regard to the ex-UVA professor whose name was involved in the hullabaloo over the stolen emails between climate scientists.


July 29th, 2010 at 1:25 AM    

Who knows what goes on in that “irrational” mind.

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