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Cuccinelli gives scathing rebuke of McAuliffe in Martinsville

Ken Cuccinelli at Martinsville's Commonwealth Crossing.

Ken Cuccinelli at Martinsville’s Commonwealth Crossing.

Virginia Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli’s was in Martinsville, Va. Saturday at Commonwealth Crossing. His remarks were a scathing rebuke of his opponent Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

“McAuliffe only paid lip service to Martinsville,” he said.

Cuccinelli said that in 2009 employees of Greentech visited the site considering it for startup GreenTech Automotive, an electric car company he was CEO of at the time. Later they traveled to another site, Berry Hill Mega Park in Danville where he said was another site considered for Greentech.

Cuccinelli said in his remarks that McAuliffe “had a personal opportunity to make a difference for the folks in Martinsville and Southside Virginia, and he turned his back.  He didn’t care enough to even give Martinsville a chance.”

Cuccinelli’s prepared remarks in Martinsville:

” We’re here today to mark the one-year anniversary of a day that we were grandly told would herald a rebirth in American manufacturing. A day that was supposed to lead to 900 high-tech manufacturing jobs by the end of 2012 and produce 10,000 cars by this year. One year ago my opponent was not in Martinsville or anywhere else in Virginia. He was actually 700 miles from here in Horn Lake, Mississippi. One year ago today, my opponent was there to mark the start of production of an electric car developed by GreenTech Automotive, the company of which he was chairman.

Today, we stand at Commonwealth Crossing, one of the locations GreenTech officials considered for its manufacturing facility in 2009. At that point in time, the unemployment rate in Martinsville was an unacceptable 20 percent. It’s not a whole lot better today, at nearly 15 percent, with about one third of the people in Martinsville on food stamps.

For workers and families here in Martinsville, a new major manufacturing facility would be a game changer. Unfortunately, we now know that McAuliffe was simply playing lip service to the people of Martinsville, trying to convince them he cared about them when he wanted their votes for Governor in 2009.

Now we learn GreenTech has produced about 100 cars since its formation in 2009 and has only created 88 jobs out of the 4,000 promised. In hindsight, it probably was a good thing that the struggling company didn’t end up coming here—but it says a lot about Terry McAuliffe that he didn’t put Virginia first.

I’m here telling you all of this today, because I think it demonstrates one of the clear contrasts that exists in the race for Governor. Unlike my opponent, I have a long record of doing exactly what I’ve said I’m going to do. I think it’s critically important for our next Governor to tell people not what they want to hear – but to tell the truth.

I’ve spent my career putting Virginians first, not politics. I’m running for Governor to move the Commonwealth forward so that every Virginian will have the opportunity to experience the dignity of work, and Virginia’s communities will remain strong and vibrant places to raise a family and grow a business. I will be a Governor for all Virginians and will dedicate myself to fighting for the middle class—not the well connected.

Terry McAuliffe and I don’t agree on a lot of things, but we do agree that this election is critically important to the future of our Commonwealth. I firmly believe that the choices our next Governor makes will help to determine whether or not our children have the same opportunities my generation was privileged enough to have.

The people of Martinsville are counting on decisive leadership in Richmond that cares about them. I’ve fought to keep economic opportunity alive in Southside Virginia, even fighting with Washington to do it. My opponent had a personal opportunity to make a difference for the folks in Martinsville and Southside Virginia, and he turned his back.  He didn’t care enough to even give Martinsville a chance. That’s not what Virginians expect from their Governors.” – Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

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