Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cuccinelli on Virginia Port Authority vote to maintain management of Port of Virginia

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

RICHMOND (March 26, 2013) —  Following is the statement of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the Virginia Port Authority vote to maintain management of the Port of Virginia:

“Today, the board of commissioners of the Virginia Port Authority took an important step to preserve the Port of Virginia as a unique Virginia resource that can be operated and expanded for the benefit of all the citizens of the commonwealth.  After months of thoughtful deliberation and analysis, the board decided to end further consideration of two proposals to transfer operational control of the port to a private company and instead decided to focus its efforts on reform and restructuring of existing port operations.

“Public-private partnerships can often provide significant benefits to the commonwealth. The private sector can provide special expertise that brings increased innovation or efficiency, or it can provide private funds that reduce the cost of projects to the taxpayers. Any public-private partnership proposal, however, must be judged by whether it creates real and substantial value for the public.

“In my official advisory opinion issued last October*, I noted that the VPA board is the public entity vested with legal responsibility for deciding whether to pursue a public-private partnership for port operations.  Today, the VPA board exercised that responsibility, determining that it is not in the commonwealth’s interest to turn over to a single company the long-term operational control of one of Virginia’s most valuable assets.  I understand and support the board’s decision.

“Virginia taxpayers have made significant investments in capital improvements for the port. These investments, as well as continuing improvements in port management, put the port in a strong position to exploit its strategic location on the East Coast and the deep water channels of Hampton Roads to expand its operations, create jobs for Virginians, and boost the economy of our state.”

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