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Cuccinelli said he would fight with Washingon – video

Ken Cuccinelli campaigning at Roanoke Tea Party July 4, 2009

UVA gets July 26 extension for climate documents demanded by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli – see press release below.

In Roanoke on July 4, 2009 then candidate for attorney general Ken Cuccinelli said, “You’ve got an attorney general that will fight with Washington.” Voters can’t say he didn’t warn them.

Below is a recent press release but more to the point is a video from his July 4, 2009 campaign speech at the Roanoke Tea Party held in Elmwood Park. I spoke to him prior to his taking the stage. You can see in his hands a piece of paper that he never looked at – he was scribbling on it when I was talking to him. He said he was preparing his speech – no speech writer just smiling acknowledging that he had not prepared for what he was going to say.

Brian Gottstein now Cuccinelli’s  Drector of Communication appears first followed by Cuccinelli. Related article: Big Government the Mantra at TEA Party – Video

RICHMOND (May 19, 2010) – For your information, following is an updated statement:

Our ordinary policy is to not comment on open investigations for the sake of the investigative process as well as for the individuals involved. Because our Civil Investigative Demand was made public by someone other than the attorney general’s office, we have confirmed that the CID online on The Hook web site is authentic.

The revelations of Climate-gate indicate that some climate data may have been deliberately manipulated to arrive at pre-set conclusions. The use of manipulated data to apply for taxpayer-funded research grants in Virginia is potentially fraud. Given this, the only prudent thing to do was to look into it.

This is a fraud investigation and the attorney general’s office is not investigating Dr. Mann’s scientific conclusions. The legal standards for the misuse of taxpayer dollars apply the same at universities as they do at any other agency of state government. This is about rooting out possible fraud and not about infringing upon academic freedom.

The attorney general is working with the University of Virginia to get this investigation resolved quickly with the least disruption to the university as possible. UVA has asked for a deadline extension (to July 26) to turn over the documents requested through the CID. UVA also asked for a reduced scope for the amount of documents requested. Both were considered reasonable requests and were agreed to by the attorney general.

In addition, UVA has requested to hire outside counsel for this matter. This is another accommodation the attorney general has agreed to.

Currently, we are not going to comment any further on the pending investigation.

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