Monday, August 30, 2010

Cuccinelli will issue new CID to conform with judge’s ruling

RICHMOND (August 30, 2010) – An Albemarle County Circuit Court judge issued his ruling today in the case of the University of Virginia’s petition to set aside the civil investigative demands (CID) issued to it by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

“While this was not an outright ruling in our favor, I am pleased that the judge has agreed with my office on several key legal points and has given us a framework for issuing a new civil investigative demand to get the information necessary to continue our investigation into whether or not fraud has been committed against the commonwealth,” said Cuccinelli.

Judge Paul M. Peatross, Jr., in his ruling stated that, “…the University of Virginia is a proper subject for a CID, and the Attorney General may investigate grants made with Commonwealth of Virginia funds to professors such as Dr. Mann.”

“We are going to issue a new CID that conforms to the judge’s ruling. We will also take time to fully examine the decision and all of the available options before deciding whether or not to also appeal aspects of the ruling,” the attorney general said.

No fraud suit is currently pending. The attorney general’s office is only investigating to see if there is sufficient evidence to warrant further action. It is investigating whether a false claim was presented to the university to secure payment under government-funded grants.

The attorney general is the sole official charged with enforcing Virginia’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act. The materials requested by the original CIDs are all property belonging to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The CIDs did not seek the production of any private property.

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