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Cuccinelli’s transparency election promise at the 2009 VCOG annual conference

Ken Cuccinelli campaigns at Roanoke Tea Party event in 2009

Ken Cuccinelli campaigns at Roanoke Tea Party event in 2009

If I didn’t remember anything about the 2009 Virginia Coalition for Open Government conference I remember this. Then Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s promised transparency.

In today’s Roanoke Times Lawrence Hammack, another open government wonk, has an article about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s opinion on the appropriation of public funds to nonprofits without proper contracts. The purpose of contracts with the state is to determine their worth to the taxpaying citizens of Virginia and the Commonwealth.

This is the second time he has nitpicked the charities that mostly serve poor citizens with healthcare they cannot afford or that they don’t even have access to.

Lawrence who write about healthcare issues for the Roanoke Times attended the 2009 VCOG conference as well. In his article he says he sought a copy of the letter sent by Dr. Bill Hazel, secretary of the state Department of Health and Human Resources to Cuccinelli for his opinion on 12 nonprofits.

 “That is confidential attorney-client privileged information which we cannot release,” said Brian Gottstein, a spokesman for Cuccinelli.

That’s not what Cuccinelli contended in 2009. “If elected attorney general – yes, you give advice to state agencies, universities, etc. and to some extent that is privileged communication but your ultimate client is still the citizens of Virginia … I intend to explore on an intellectual basis and try to put down on paper a little more definitive description of where at least I think the boundaries are for privilege in that unique lawyer relationship.”

Well fork it over or is that boundary a moving target. See video of his promise:

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Thomas Ryder

August 20th, 2013 at 12:30 AM    

Sounds to me like he's done what he promised. He's explored and put down on paper.

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