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Deeds Campaign Adds Staff – Blogger/Pundit War Breaks Out

Ben Tribbett, NLS

Ben Tribbett, NLS

Political blogger Ben Tribbett, (NotLarrySabato) and political pundit Larry Sabato “duke it out” after Sabato blogs and tweets that the Democratic candidate, Sen. Creigh Deeds was demoting his campaign manager, Joe Abbey. Deeds campaign brought on three staff members to energize his campaign in wake of Virginia Democratic apathy and polls that favor Republican candidate Bob McDonnell that won’t budge.

With some former staff members of Terry McAuliffe’s campaign coming on board like Allyson Wilson and Mo Elleithee Deeds strategy has shifted. Press releases are now challenging McDonnell’s pro-life stance depicting him as a right-winger on social issues that effect women. Deeds is also more vigorously reaching out to the African-American community. Again the point is to invigorate the Democratic Party base and get them to the polls.

Larry Sabato wrote:

Thirty-something wunderkind Joe Abbey, Deeds’ manager for his upset June primary victory, has been shunted aside. (That victory was engineered by the Washington Post‘s editorials, not Abbey or even Deeds.) Party activists have blamed Abbey, fairly or not, for Deeds’ listless campaign.

That set jedi Tribbett on a quest to the dark side. The “schwartz was with” NLS that night. With one wack of his lightsaber NLS squashed darth vader Sabato (NotLarrySabato’s father). All is well in the Deeds campaign as the audio clip below confirms.

Tribbett effectively called Sabato a “has been” and “cry baby.” He says Sabato is jealous that NLS was the moderator for the gubernatorial primary debate held in Blacksburg, Virginia.  He accuses Sabato with backup of an article in Politico of having financial ties with former 5th District Congressman Virgil Goode.

Politico writes:

Goode had been more than just a congressman to Sabato. The men are friends dating back to their college days, and Goode was also a benefactor, sending earmarks of up to $1.4 million per year to an educational program run out of the Center for Politics. With Goode’s defeat, that funding abruptly dried up. This year, Perriello rejected the center’s application for $1 million, and Sabato’s aides are scrambling to find an alternate source of money.

Tribbett claims it was a coup attempt by a few Deed’s campaign insiders with motives he did not elaborate. Tribbett is “mulling over” whether to name names. Check his website as I doubt NLS can keep it under the toupee for much longer.

According to Ryan Nobles, Richmond’s NBC12 Virginia Decision, Deeds campaign manager Joe Abbey is still the boss. Deeds new strategy is working:

Mo Elleithee talked to reporters this afternoon on a conference call where they claimed that their new strategy has Bob McDonnell “reeling”:

Audio clip denial by Deeds campaign followed by a video clip shot at Roanoke’s Fork in the City on primary eve. Deeds and “Mudcat” Saunders praise Joe Abbey:

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