Friday, August 10, 2012

Del. Greg Habeeb on Uranium Mining

Del. Greg Habeeb points out the hole hazards to William as Anna waits her turn.

Habeeb has not made up his mind on whether the ban on Uranium Mining in Virginia should be lifted to allow for the uranium deposit in Pittsylvania County to be unearthed. It comes down to two questions said Habeeb. “Can Virginia be trusted to regulate it in a way that it can be safe and two – once that’s in place does it remain economically viable. What we can’t do is say what’s the maximum regulation we can put in place that makes it remain economically viable because that would set up disaster. Those two decisions must be made purely independent.”

He said he would rely on the experts to determine if it can be made safe. “What’s been interesting is that the two sides of the issue read the same report and site it to favor their position.” For example, one side says there are “steep hurdles” and the other side calls them barriers. “Hurdles mean they can be overcome,” said Habeeb.

Habeeb is fairly sure there well be a bill – but the big question is “will the governor’s office be neutral, negative or positive – that is largely what will drive the conversation.”

He says if there is a bill there will be some head counting. It has a chance in the House but the Senate is another story. “That’s just the way the dynamics are.”

(To be continued)

Puttin’ and Politicin’ at the Greater Griffith Open

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