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Delegate Morgan Griffth takes on challenger Carter Turner – video

Morgan Griffith and Carter Turner

Morgan Griffith and Carter Turner

Not a heated debate but if there was a star it should have been Greg Habeeb, Salem’s Republican Committee Chair. His blog at Roanoke Valley Republicans was mentioned in effigy several times by Turner.

The Griffith/Turner forum was held following the 7:00 PM Board of Supervisors Elswick/Goodman forum at Bent Mountain Elementary School. It was hosted by the Bent Mountain Women’s Club and attended for extra credit by several classes of county students.

With his blog Habeeb has generated quite a few comments on his attack posts about Turner’s voting record. Turner addressed his voting absences Thursday night. He explained that he was in Atlanta dealing with his father-in-law’s terminal lung cancer on the dates Habeeb noted.

Turner also addressed the blog’s lengthy outing of his D- grade by the NRA. Turner said he is still trying to get the questionnaire returned to see why his grade was so poor and that he did submit it on before the deadline. Turner said he owns a gun and hunts. Griffith said he hoped Turner got it straightened out because a D- is an unusually poor grade to receive from the NRA. The NRA endorsed Griffith.

Griffith touted his work ensuring the intermodal facility came to Virginia in order “to preserve the ability to have good jobs here and not to have to send our children away to some other region.” He said he didn’t want his name associated with “the fool” who let it slip away.

No gas taxes said Griffith. He worked with Delegate Phil Hamilton on the idea of taking growth from Virginia’s ports and using it for transportation. That along the first $50 million from the intermodel facitlity and natural gas drilling are his ideas for funding transportation.

Funding transportation with the use of bonds was Turner’s idea. He said he “was hesitant about investing more money into carbon based resources though that might be something that he would compromise on.” Drilling for gas wouldn’t bring in money for many years in any case. Money for transportation needs far exceeds that which Griffith proposes said Turner. It’s a safety issue Turner believes. He said if there is no other way a gas tax increase would have to be considered.

Griffith and Turner reached an agreement with the help of a student’s question. What is your favorite color? Both candidates answered “blue” accompanied by comments of bi-partisanship and laughter.

See clips from the debates below. The second clip is Turner responding to his voting record and NRA grade.

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