Monday, September 13, 2010

Democratic nominee for sheriff made clear

UPDATE: Unnamed source has FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) endorsing Independent Mike Stovall for Roanoke County Sheriff soon.


Roanoke County Democratic chair Brian Lang says that the Independent opponent running against the Democrat’s nominee Sheriff Mike Winston is the object of recent rumors. Without mentioning Mike Stovall by name Lang says that Stovall is claiming to be “a staunch Democrat in a deceptive attempt to undercut support for Sheriff Winston.”

Lang lashes out below:

Here are the facts about Mike Winston’s opponent [Mike Stovall]:

1) He is known to tell people that he is a staunch Democrat, and that he has been one for many years, when he is speaking to Democrats.

2) He is known to deny being a Democrat when speaking to those who are likely to prefer that he not be a Democrat.

3) Before announcing his run as an Independent, he inquired with both the Republican and Democratic parties of Roanoke County about seeking their nominations for Sheriff, and received less-than-warm support.

4) He was quoted in the Roanoke Times as recently as late July as saying he was still considering seeking the Republican nomination. He was, for all practical purposes, effectively blocked from the Republican nomination.

5) He has never been a member of the Roanoke County Democratic Committee during to the 15+ years that I have checked.

6) He has never attended a meeting of the Roanoke County Democratic Committee during to the 15+ years that I have checked.

7) To the best of my knowledge and all of the Democratic office holders and candidates that I have asked, he has not been known to provide any campaign help whatsoever to Democratic candidates during those 15+ years: No walking of neighborhoods, no financial help, no attending strategy meetings, no making helpful introductions, nothing. It is certainly possible that he has provided some small amount of support of which I and those I have asked are not aware, but it would have to be, by definition, a small amount of support. It would be trivial compared with what Mike Winston has done.

8) He has never self-identified as a Democrat when running for the Roanoke County School Board. While this might be dismissed due to the fact that Party affiliations do not appear on the ballot for School Board elections, it is also a fact that many other candidates of both Parties have actively sought their Parties’ support and have readily identified themselves as members of their Parties, including one who won a tough election as a Democrat in the last cycle.

9) He has a long history of both trying to play both sides of the fence and of failing to declare publicly any identification as a Democrat, even when provided with an excellent opportunity. For example, in an interview with the Roanoke Times in 2002, this candidate was asked if he was a Democrat. He declined to confirm this and replied instead, “I have bunches of friends on both sides!”

Lang then reiterates “the ridiculous rumors that the Independent candidate for Sheriff of Roanoke County is a Democratic candidate. He is not. He actively opposes the Democratic Nominee. Please provide your full support to the Democratic Nominee, Sheriff Mike Winston.”

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