Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Democratic Primary Sheriff Candidate, Joe Bush Criticizes Sheriff Johnson

Roanoke, VA—Joe Bush, Democrat for Sheriff, will hold a press conference Tuesday, outside the Roanoke City Courthouse at noon, to address the reported lawsuit against Sheriff Octavia Johnson.

Joe Bush would not comment about the legality of the case—but said that it is one more episode in a troubling pattern of mismanagement by Sheriff Johnson. 

“This is just one more incident that causes concern that our sheriff does not know what is going on in the jail she is supposed to be running.”

Joe Bush said that the sheriff not being aware of dangerous sniper trainings her office held last year, and now this law suit, cast doubt about her ability to manage the jail and its budget.

“Sheriff Johnson, in her own words, was unaware that dangerous sniper trainings were occurring in her department, and now this. It is just one more incident in a pattern of irresponsibility, and I am running for sheriff to change things.”

Joe Bush said he would be a responsible caretaker of all the jails operations —including its budget. Joe Bush has pledged 10% of his first year and subsequent year’s salaries to pay for the jail to get CALEA accreditation.

“I am going to give up part of my salary to get CALEA accreditation. This accreditation will make our jail eligible for discounts, and will save the taxpayers money.”

Joe Bush also said his near two decades of experience will enable him to be an effective caretaker for the jail.

“I have nearly two decades of experience as a deputy, and probation and parole officer. I will use my experience to run this jail effectively, and there will not be any questions about the trainings we hold, or the way we treat our inmates.” 

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