Friday, October 19, 2012

Democrats call for investigation as Republican consultant destroys registration forms

Richmond, VA – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Brian Moran released the following statement today calling for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and state authorities to investigate whether the recent arrest of a Republican party consultant for destroying voter registration forms is part of a larger effort to limit Virginians’ access to the ballot.

 “All Virginians should be dismayed by these allegations of Republican operatives discarding voter registration forms that were submitted by people who simply wanted to have a voice in our democracy. 

“This individual was an employee of the first firm the Republican Party of Virginia hired to do voter registration before they fired that firm amidst allegations of fraud in other states. Virginians deserve answers as to how this person was still working for Republican campaigns here and whether his behavior was directed by his superiors or party officials. 

“In order to assure Virginians that this was not part of a larger Republican effort, Attorney General Cuccinelli and state authorities must conduct a thorough investigation into how Virginia Republicans conduct their voter registration and turnout efforts on behalf of George Allen, Mitt Romney and Republicans across the state. 

“This isn’t about partisan politics, it’s about integrity in our elections. Given their rhetoric about eliminating voter fraud, Republicans should welcome an investigation to prove that these disturbing incidents are isolated and not a central feature of the GOP campaign effort this year.” 

Yesterday the Sheriff in Harrisonburg, VA placed a Pennsylvania man under arrest for discarding an envelope of voter registration reforms in a dumpster. 

The man was a previous employee of Strategic Allied Consulting, which was hired by the Republican National Committee and Republican Party of Virginia to do voter registration in Virginia before being fired amidst allegations of voter registration fraud in other states. 

He was continuing to work as an employee of another contractor on behalf of Republican campaigns in Virginia. 

Last week it was revealed that Strategic Allied Consulting owner Nathan Spruill was continuing to be paid by an anonymous group to assist the Romney and Allen campaigns in Virginia despite the swirling controversy around his practices. The Democratic Party of Virginia urged Romney, Allen and Virginia Republicans to call on him to cease his efforts on their behalf. To date they have yet to do so. 

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