Monday, November 8, 2010

Democrats confident in finding a candidate for 8th district

Brian Lang, Roanoke County Democratic Committee Chair

In a press release Roanoke County Democratic Committee Chair Brian Lang and Gena Doyle, Salem Democratic Committee Chair:

The Democratic Committees of Salem and Roanoke County are currently conducting a vigorous recruitment and screening process for candidates for our party’s nomination for the upcoming special election in Virginia’s 8th House of Delegates District.

This district encompasses part of Roanoke County and all of Salem. It is often described as a politically moderate district and has a long history of reflecting this moderation in its election of leaders from both major parties.

It is with the need for a strong, fair-minded leader in mind that a Search Committee has been formed. This Search Committee is interviewing candidates of diverse backgrounds, including candidates who have not traditionally identified themselves as Democrats but share our belief that residents of the 8th District deserve a strong, fair-minded leader who places the voters’ priorities above partisan ideology.

We do not believe that a nominee of either party should be anointed or appointed based upon political insider connections. We believe instead that a nominee should be distinguished by demonstrating a value of all voters, regardless of their political alignment, and that arrogance and rigid adherence to extremist political ideology have no place in leading our great Commonwealth out of these difficult economic times.

As the unwelcome memory of the recent political campaigns and barrage of negative ads from all sides is still fresh in voters’ memories, we call for leaders who are interested in running a positive campaign to step forward. We call for leaders who will govern with the voters’ best interests in mind to step forward. The Democratic Party is a “big tent” party. We expect to coalesce behind a strong leader who may or may not have been previously identified as a Democrat but will definitely stand up and fight hard in Richmond for our community’s fair share of funding for our schools and roads, instead of sending it to northern Virginia. We call for leaders to resist any attempts to intimidate them into not running for this important House of Delegates seat. Some partisan political operatives need to be reminded that the small-d democratic process is open to all citizens because it exists to serve all citizens, not to serve either party’s interests.

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Adam Boitnott

November 8th, 2010 at 5:02 PM    

To quote ESPN…This deserves a Come on Man.

The way I read this, remember I was once a chair, is we have tried to recruit people who would be viable but they did not want to run in a heavy R district during a tidal wave of emotion to the right, against a very strong and qualified candidate.


November 8th, 2010 at 10:37 PM    

What about Carter Turner?


November 9th, 2010 at 1:36 PM    

It was good to see you yesterday Adam. Yes I remember THAT one. It can hurt either party if the wrong candidate is nominated JUST to have someone/anyone.

Then like BOS Democrat Moore and Republican Elswick who after getting support from their parties say “now we are elected so we don’t need the party label anymore.”

Last I heard Turner was not interested but maybe Breiner or Mayor Foley. It sounds like they would pick anyone with a little “d.”

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