Sunday, September 5, 2010

Democrats may cut Perriello loose

Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello 5th district congressman is not gaining ground against his Republican opponent Robert Hurt. Perriello’s slim victory against Virgil Goode in 2008 looks to turn into a not so narrow loss in 2010.

The latest poll conducted by WDBJ7 shows Perriello trailing Hurt 61% to 35%. No improvement over a previous poll.

Though Perriello pulled from behind in 2008 on the wave of anti-Republican sentiment – the tables have turned and anti-Democrat sentiment now prevails.

According to the Virginia Public Access Project ( Perriello holds a commanding lead of cash on hand at $1.7 million. Hurt shows $216,000 on hand as of June 30. The next reports are due September 15.

 The New York Times article Saturday, “Democrats Plan Politcal Triage to Retain House”  shows signs of Democrat desperation.

Democratic leaders are getting the shakedown from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. There is a whiff of panic in the air as she scrambles to coral Democratic house representatives safe in their seats.

Pay your dues! Pelosi wants the safe Democrats sitting on $218 million in their campaign accounts to help the “closely” contested races. The house races showing poll numbers much closer than that of Perriello vs. Hurt. Not good news for Perriello – the public knowledge of this alone deflates Democrats already lacking in enthusiasm this election cycle

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