Monday, April 5, 2010

Deterioration of Countryside Golf Course decimates neighborhood – video

Blackbird sits on dead tree at Countryside

Filling in the sinkhole on the 12th fairway

On Easter 2010 just a little over one month after Roanoke City suddenly shutdown the golf course signs of neglect are “sprouting” up like … well … weeds …. pun intended!

As my neighbor and I sat and watched golfer after golfer come through on the 11th fairway we thought we should charge a 11th fairway membership fee. That is because her husband Ken is keeping the fairway mowed.

Ken is 70 years old and just had a knee replaced 6 months ago. He also cleared the fairway and cart path of limbs that had broken off during the winter storms. They lay waiting to be cut and picked up.

We think Ken has done enough. No golfer offers a dime to Ken for all his labor. We are all senior citizens and then some around the once vibrant golf course.

It just seems five short years ago the pool was bustling, the tennis building was active and the fairways were full of golf carts. Guess what happened five years ago? Surprise Roanoke City purchased it for development that never happened.

Not just the immediate neighbors enjoyed this their only recreational asset but the entire surrounding community. They talk of community gatherings and formal dances. They talk of kids birthday parties held at the pool. They talk of PGG or VGA golf tournaments held at Countryside/Arrow Wood.

There was annexation. There were promises. Now there is …. well go for an Easter evening stroll ….

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