Friday, February 13, 2009

Don Caldwell Email on Candidate Process

To the Roanoke City Committee,

In the wake of Frank Garrett’s announcement that he intends to seek the Democratic nomination to run for the Office of the Sheriff of the City of Roanoke, I had someone ask me why the City Committee was endorsing him. As I explained to them and explain to the larger group of members, the City Committee does not endorse candidates. It manages the process by which democratic candidates are selected to run in an election. The only decision made by the Committee is that a primary process will ultimately determine the individual candidates who run in the fall. The primary will be held concurrently with the state wide primary contests in June and will not entail any additional expense to the City.

Anybody who desires to run for an office in the fall as a Democratic nominee may run in the June primary by filing the appropriate paperwork and filing fee. If there is only one candidate who files then, obviously, there will be no race. At this point, I believe that all incumbent office holders will seek re-election and one person ( Frank Garrett ) is seeking the Democratic nomination for Sheriff. The filing deadline to run in the primary is April 10 at 5pm. and anyone who wants to run has the opportunity. The Committee is dedicated to the principle that decisions and processes will be open for all and the last council primary process should prove that to any doubters.

Although I do not pretend to speak for the whole committee, I feel that this is an accurate summary of the process. If anyone has any other thoughts or questions,please share so that this rumor can be laid to rest.

Don Caldwell

PS: Star City Harbinger distorts the facts again… until another candidate comes forth in addition to Frank Garrett – he WILL oppose Republican incumbent Octavia Johnson …. (Valerie)

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