Saturday, August 11, 2012

DPVA Chairman Brian Moran statement on Ryan and Allen

Brian Moran

Richmond, VA – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Brian Moran released the following statement today responding to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign tour through Virginia on which he was joined by his vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and former Senator George Allen.

“In choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate and campaigning with former Senator George Allen across Virginia today, Mitt Romney removed any doubt about his full-on commitment to the same backward economic approach that helped break our economy and balloon our debt under George W. Bush.

“Ryan and Allen would be valuable assets to Romney as he seeks to cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the middle class and future generations because they’ve already done it as rubber stamps for the Bush agenda. Now they’re running together on the same combination of taxpayer handouts for people who don’t need them and draconian cuts to priorities that benefit seniors, students and middle class families across the country.

“Virginia families need leaders like President Obama and Tim Kaine who bring a balanced approach to reducing spending while protecting core priorities like jobs, education and infrastructure. We cannot afford to hand our economic recovery over to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and George Allen who have promised to pursue the same agenda we’re still digging out from today: showering more tax cuts on the most fortunate and paying for them on the backs of middle class families. We’ve come too far in the past four years to let them drag us backward again.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said in a statement:

Yeah — THAT Paul Ryan. The architect of the Republican plan to kill Medicare.

But here’s the thing: in a poll this week, only 46% of Americans even had an opinion of Ryan (38% had never heard of him). These next hours are critical. We need to contact key voters immediately and make sure they know about the Romney-Ryan plan to put millionaire tax cuts over Medicare for seniors.

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