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Ed Elswick blames Roanoke Chamber’s support of opponent (Video)

Ed Elswick at Bent Mountain Fire Station Debate with Joe McNamara in 2009

Ed Elswick at Bent Mountain Fire Station Debate with Joe McNamara in 2009

In an email from Ed Elswick, Roanoke County Board of Supervisor Windsor District wrote, “politics may have been involved but against me because of the Roanoke Chamber [of Commerce]”

He said that the Chamber was against it because they were supporting his opponent. “The comment from [Supervisor Mike] Altizer that it would prevent the sheriff from serving warrants at night was absurd as they don’t do that and pretty much down at five [o’clock].”

He added, “This is a question of the bureaucracy versus the citizen and the issue is not dead.” He asked for comments.

He attached a copy of the resolution to affirm the protection of Roanoke County citizen’s property rights. The other Supervisors opposed the resolution calling it unenforceable and the business community called it an “anti-development” ordinance.

CLICK HERE for Elswick’s ordinance.

It is clear Elswick is going to make it an argument in his campaign to retain his seat on the BOS against his opponent Joe McNamara. McNamara lost to Elswick in a primary in 2009 by a slim margin. McNamara won his primary against RoxAnne Christley on Saturday by 5 votes.

Watch the video below of the debate at the Bent Mountain Fire Station in 2009. I expect a contentious repeat by Elswick against his opponent as this video foreshadows. A rematch debate is a must attend ringside event. Roanoke County Windsor District Republican Primary Debate – Video

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