Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ed Elswick Edges Out Incumbent Joe McNamara – Video

Ed Elswick Victory

Ed Elswick Victory

Just 24 votes separated Joe McNamara and Ed Elswick vying for the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Windsor District. He pulled it off by getting the Bent Mountain district motivated to vote.

Carla Brean, an Elswick supporter, was not surprised by Elswick’s win. Brean is a member of the Roanoke Valley Republican Women. She said McNamara took his support for granted. Elswick ran a grassroots campaign. Poages Mill where Brean lives went in favor of Elswick 61% to 39% (101 to 64). Both Bent Mountain and Poages Mill had large turnouts compared to the rest of the precincts.

McNamara said he “was satisfied with the campaign that he ran.” It was hard to overcome the turnout on Bent Mountain where Elswick resides. That precinct turned in 111 votes for Elswick and 9 for McNamara. CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS BY PRECINCT.

Mike Wray congratulates Ed Elswick

Mike Wray congratulates Ed Elswick

Elswick in his acceptance speech reiterated his platform he espoused in the debate with McNamara a few weeks ago. He said, “my intention as a Supervisor is to administer peoples dollars and try to make sure those dollars are spent in the same manner that a citizen would spend their own budget.” He said, “we don’t need to add facilities that appear to be more of a commercial nature.” Explore park should be ours, said Elswick, “it should be what citizens want – not what somebody else wants. I don’t owe anybody anything and nobody owes me.”

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Thom Ryder

June 9th, 2009 at 11:40 PM    

I have to say that I’m sad to see Joe McNamara go. Of all the supervisors, Joe understood finance. Often, it was Joe who guided the supervisors to rational solutions to problems both in front of the public and behind the scenes. As a person who has taught two of his children, I have always found him to be an outstanding supporter of public schools.

I hope and pray, that if elected in the fall, Mr. Elswick will make schools his top priority.

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