Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Editor: Romney is bad choice for Republicans and Democrats

If you’re a middle class Republican, you will NOT be immune to deep Romney/Ryan budget cuts, including education, to pay for tax cuts for the super-rich and your own children would be affected. And guess what? There will be more that will hurt your family but Romney/Ryan still don’t offer a clue about what else will be axed to insure that richer folks get their tax breaks.

Romney now says he won’t cut education programs but he flip-flops and his word is unreliable. Notably, in the primaries he said he was “a severe conservative” but does not dare say that now since he is in his “more moderate Mitt”act. He really should be called “Anything for a vote Mitt.”

As for his biggest vote draw—he is a successful businessman with the know-how to “turn things around”—none should be fooled here either. Being a successful businessman does not mean he can run our country and his own business “history” raises far too many questions that center on ethics and fundamental fairness—poor foundations for the Presidency.

He has neither experience nor abilities in foreign affairs and as President, may become a “puppet” of Bush’s former foreign policy advisers who got us into an un-needed war.

Now that we’re making real, if slow progress getting out of the deep hole, give President Obama the extra term he needs to clean up the mess he inherited, or put in a write-in candidate who stands for your principles.

Frank H. Winter

Burke, VA 

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