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Editorial board’s ego shows retaliation for endorsement loss

Today’s editorial blaming city council for not paying attention to the Republican mayoral candidate Mark Lucas when he suggested a tax for increasing teacher pay is reprehensible. It smacks of a defensive maneuver to cover up their previous editorial where they asked school board chairman David Carson about another tax to raise teacher pay.

From their throne the RTEB staff have single handedly attempted to dismantle a repaired relationship between the school board and city council. They should be so proud.

The RTEB blames city council for wearing “ear plugs” as Lucas spoke about a tax for teacher pay increases during debates and that council members “cannot credibly say” that they first read it in their editorial.

The mistake, dear RTEB is yours and yours alone for attempting to put a wedge between city council and the school board. If there is to be dialogue on taxes dedicated to schools it should take place between the school board and city council and not, I repeat not through the self-appointed intermediary of the editorial board.

At the joint meeting between the school board and city council last week there was no request from Chairman David Carson for more revenue. Both council members Court Rosen and Ray Ferris gave Carson ample opportunity to say that in the future the school system may have to call upon them for assistance.

Councilman Court Rosen asked Carson how he felt about getting through the next fiscal year without the 2-cent meals tax. Carson said that they were in “reasonably good shape but spending down savings.” He complained about Roanoke not getting the assistance needed from the state. “In the absence of that occurring it would benefit us to reduce spending,” he said. Rosen asked the school board to look ahead and share financial information and keep dialogue going to head off any sense of urgency.

Vice Mayor Dave Trinkle said that he hoped that the new formula would be a win/win and that their fund balance would continue. “I’m not a big fan of dedicated taxes,” he said. “We don’t tell you how to spend.”

Rosen seemed clear to me as he quizzed Carson on future needs as did Ray Ferris.

This RTEB wedge smacks of “sour grapes” that the RTEB endorsement of Mark Lucas failed. Knowing Carson’s support for Lucas the RTEB saw an opening to create disharmony. This is the lowest I’ve ever seen them go. The RTEB takes their endorsement loss and wreaks havoc in retaliation.

RTEB – stay out of council and the school board’s relationship! Lick your wounds on your endorsement loss and move on to other “commandments” from your throne.

The news side of the wall didn’t help matters either after Mason Adams got done with it.

In an email Tuesday Carson said, “We appreciate council, all is fine, and all will be fine if the state funds school systems as it should.”

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May 16th, 2012 at 8:38 AM    

Val, agree with you line for line. Pure cover up by RTEB and there agenda on behalf of David Carson,

Why do you believe the other media do not report on the rumor of a Carson/Lu Ann Rife relationship????


May 16th, 2012 at 11:56 AM    

Hadn’t thought about that one John but it makes all the sense. Looked at the articles written by the board over the last few months and it is clearly something going on funny. Carson is political and has them doing his dirty work which ignores all the indeendence between journalists and their subjects.

What you say makes sense. Must be funny stuff going on


May 16th, 2012 at 12:24 PM    


Didn’t hear that one. The RTEB and Casey for that matter are very protective of the schools. It has been reported that two principals have left for Botetourt Co. but didn’t say why.


May 16th, 2012 at 3:22 PM    

Val. Both principals lived in Boteteourt so makes sense for them to work their and cut commutes by twenty mins or so. Also remember the one principal was the same one reassigned from MAdison after the fights a few months ago who was basiclly demoted.

Bill Bestpitch

May 16th, 2012 at 4:18 PM    

Thanks for the support, Valerie. I don’t know which “council members” (if any) told Mason that the editorial was the first time they had heard about a possible new meals tax. He didn’t ask me that question, but he did ask me and other council members how we felt about Mr. Carson making his comments to the RTEB after not saying anything during our joint meeting. I told him that I try not to get hung up on such issues; if something is a good idea, it’s a good idea no matter how it comes up, and vice versa. As you note above, three members of city council gave Mr. Carson ample opportunity to raise the issue, so why is the RTEB saying we should have asked?


May 16th, 2012 at 5:14 PM    


Thanks for your comment. The first editorial I thought was odd that they sought out Mr. Carson. Than with Mason referencing the editorial in his story which was a first. It is usually the other way around. Than back again with this council lecture today made it more out of place. It didn’t add up since I watched the whole thing on RVTV while transcribing it on my laptop and was at the debates.

The editorial seemed to have a personal agenda for them.

Maybe the RTEB thinks the winning candidates should remember all ideas from the opposition and implement them. Something is odd about the whole thing.

Somethings just have to be said.


May 16th, 2012 at 5:20 PM    


Thanks for the info about the principals. It makes sense and yes I remember about the one who was reassigned.

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