Saturday, October 17, 2009

Editorial endorsements for gubernatorial candidates begin

The Winchester Star and Harrisonburg Daily News-Record endorsed Republican candidate Bob McDonnell. The Washington Post endorsed Democrat Creigh Deeds in an editorial this weekend.

The Winchester Star’s editorial board reasoned that McDonnell was their recommendation over Deeds:

“We believe Bob McDonnell’s public record — and basic political philosophy — deserves Virginia’s vote Nov. 3.

By choosing a Republican governor in this particular year, Virginia would likely send this significant signal to an overwhelmingly Democratic Washington: Slow down a bit, you’re going too fast, your expansion of the size of the federal government is too great.”

The Washington Post’s endorsement of Deeds did not come as a surprise saying:

“Mr. Deeds, lagging in the polls, lacks Mr. McDonnell’s knack for crisp articulation. But if he has not always been the most adroit advocate for astute policies, that is preferable to Mr. McDonnell’s silver-tongued embrace of ideas that would mire Virginia in a traffic-clogged, backward-looking past. Virginians should not confuse Mr. McDonnell’s adept oratory for wisdom, nor Mr. Deeds’ plain speech for indirection. In fact, it is Mr. Deeds whose ideas hold the promise of a prosperous future.”

The Washington Post’s editorial reasoning was well thought-out and based on what is best for Virginia.

The lame rhetoric presented by The Winchester Star’s editorial – lets send a message to Washington, DC was disappointing and a cop-out. Winchester went for Obama 52% to 47% in 2008 and for Senator Mark Warner 69%. What kind of reasoning is that? Very disappointing to see any editorial board use this kind of “reasoned rhetoric.”

The Winchester Star reasons that “The Republican nominee has studiously cobbled together plans and solutions for Virginia.” I call the “studious cobbled together plans” a shell game – now you see it now you don’t.

Here’s hoping The Roanoke Times editorial board does a better job in their reasoning for endorsement of Deeds or McDonnell.

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October 19th, 2009 at 1:54 PM    

Personally, I think newspaper endorsements are essentially irrelevant in a general election (although WaPo proved they can be very relevant in a primary). Having said that, the only thing that interests me about endorsements is when a paper goes against the grain.

For example, WaPo or Roanoke Times endorsing a D is a non-event. If they endorsed an R it would be a big deal.

This year, Deeds has 1 endorsement (WaPo) which is completely irrelevant. McDonnell has 5 newspaper endorsements although 4 of them almost always endorse Rs so they’re non-events. The Daily Press, on the other hand, is less “partisan” (Kaine in 2005; McCain in 2008) so their endorsement of McDonnell is slighly interesting.

All in all, none of these matter although you could argue a slight push in McD’s favor because of Daily Press but not really a big deal.


October 19th, 2009 at 6:06 PM    

The Roanoke Times endorsement of Brian Keenum for Roanoke City Sheriff was right-on.

In Keenum’s case as an independent he is not well known. This should help him immensely IMO.

Henry Hale

October 21st, 2009 at 7:45 PM    

The campaign that Bob McDonnell has run has, in fact, been all rhetoric with no chance of getting any of his own original initiatives completed. Things that may get done during a McDonnell administration, such as Metro rail service from Tyson’s Corner to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia, are not remotely close to being an idea he’s proposed.

Unfortunately, the campaign Creigh Deeds has run is being voted as the worst campaign this year on The Daily Kos. I would posit it is the worse campaign that has been run since Mary Sue Terry, and that is unfortunately after the effort that was made by people to win the nomination for his camp. The final straw for me is Creigh’s asinine statement that he is against the public option in health care reform and would opt-out if given the chance in Virginia. In an off-year election, in which the a candidate’s base is most important, as they write in The Daily Kos, “A smart politician looks at those numbers and thinks, “how do I rally my base?” Deeds is not a smart politician. In fact, at a debate last night, he all but guaranteed they will stay home on Election Night”, 72% of Democrats in Virginia support the public option and Independents support it by a margin of 49%-39%, with the state coming at 46%-42% in favor. Finally quote from Daily Kos:

Way to rally your base, Sherlock. Of course, the CBO has now shown that a robust public option reduces costs, and voters in Virginia support the public option by a 48-42 margin, including 72-21 among Democrats and 49-39 among Independents. But instead of trying to create a distinction between him and the Republican Bob McDonnell (who did promise to opt out), he instead sided with bad, unpopular policy in a bizarre effort to appeal to voters who aren’t going to vote for him in a million years.

In a post-debate press conference, Deeds attempted to claim that his public option position was somehow principled and pragmatic because he wasn’t ruling anything out, and that all options were “on the table”. Yet he came out so mealy mouthed and confused, that the Virginia GOP is gleefully distributing the video. A sure-fire political disaster.

Finally, for a guy who has claimed his poll numbers suck because of “what’s going on in Washington”, what the hell is he doing accepting campaign appearances with Bill Clinton (yesterday) and Barack Obama (coming soon)? Confused and contradictory messaging has been about par for this campaign.

This seat will go Republican in two weeks.

My sentiments exactly. Sad state of affairs.


October 21st, 2009 at 9:04 PM    

I’m very sad about the poor campaign by Deeds as well. Is he just letting his campaign staff make these poor decisions?

His stumbles on “gas tax” and “public option” tell me he either is unprepared for these obvious questions or is groping for the middle way too hard. Now both the base and independents are unhappy.

As one who pays attention I still can’t tell what he really thinks. On the other hand I know what McD thinks whether I like it or not or see it as a revenue “shell game.”

Henry Hale

October 22nd, 2009 at 11:12 AM    

Unfortunately Valerie, this type of incompetence will lose an election by 10-15 percentage points. It is very distressing to see all of the good work Governors Warner and Kaine getting ready to go straight down the drain back to “The Dark Ages” with the type of thinking a neanderthal, such as Bob McDonnell has.

What makes it even worse is that this disaster of a campaign will somehow be spun as a referendum on President Obama, but I propose that, when a campaign has been executed so poorly, the party or its titular head cannot be held responsible for the dreadful result I’m fearing we’re about to see. Having just had my back operating on for the second time this year, it makes me fell sick enough to have to go back into the hospital.

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