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Excerpts from Governor McDonnell’s Final State of the Commonwealth Address

Non-embargoed remarks from Governor Bob McDonnell’s last State of the Commonwealth address for Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Gov. Bob McDonnell pictured with Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe who will take office January 11.

Gov. Bob McDonnell pictured with Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe who will take office January 11.

“Governor Mills Godwin rightly said there is no ‘higher honor’ than serving as Governor of Virginia.  Serving with you for the last four years has been the greatest professional opportunity of my nearly 60 years of life.

Tonight, I give profound thanks to the people of Virginia for your confidence when you elected me to this high office; an average middle class kid from Fairfax County occupying the same seat once held by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.  I have tried my very best, with spectacular teamwork, to serve you well.

We have achieved many good things together for the eight million people of our beloved Commonwealth.

Where some may have hoped for conflict, we instead forged consensus.

Where some might have preferred sound bites to solutions, we chose results over rhetoric.

I’m a conservative.  I believe strongly that these principles are right for America. Some of you are moderates. Some are progressives.  You believe just as deeply that your ideas are correct.  But before any philosophical allegiance, there is one identity that comes first, and matters most: we are all Virginians.

We were sent here, to Mr. Jefferson’s Capitol, to be servant leaders of the people.  To use the unique talents God has given each of us to expand access to the American Dream, because all are created in the image and likeness of God, and all deserve an equal opportunity to pursue happiness and succeed.”


“….Time and again, we have rejected the twin ideological poles and navigated toward common ground to make the nation’s best state even better.  Looking at the last four years, something important has happened:  Virginia’s state government has worked.

When I campaigned for this office, I got the message down to a bumper sticker:  ‘Bob’s for Jobs.’  What can I say, I have a good name for politics!

It wasn’t just a slogan; It’s why I ran.  That’s why our chief priority has been simple:  to put in place the policies necessary to help the great free enterprise system create good jobs and opportunities for our people…. and then get the heck out of the way!

While there is so much that government should not do, there are those limited but important areas where government must act to help individuals prosper and the free market grow.  The wisdom of the Founders and of history define the correct rules.

An efficient government has an obligation to ensure our businesses and families have the modern transportation infrastructure necessary to get goods to market, mom and dad to work, and everyone to the soccer game on time.

A responsive government provides our young people greater access and affordability at our top flight colleges and universities, so they can receive the skills necessary to land the in-demand jobs of the 21st Century.

A responsible government keeps its communities and citizens safe and secure.

The wise and frugal government envisioned by Jefferson manages and funds its core functions well, and leaves the rest to individuals, the family, faith-based and benevolent institutions, and the private sector.

It’s a balance, and by most empirical measures, we’ve struck the right one in Virginia.”

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