Friday, September 14, 2007

Extension of Operating Agreement with Meadowbrook

Monday, September 17th, 2:00 PM on Agenda Item 6. a. 8 (7:00 PM meeting canceled):

Dear Mayor Harris and Members of City Council:
Subject: Extension of Operating Agreement for Countryside Golf Course

On November 10, 2005, the City executed an agreement with Meadowbrook Golf Group, Inc., to operate the Countryside Golf Course for a period of one year. The agreement was extended in October 2006 and is due to expire October 31, 2007. The agreement provides that it may be extended for an additional year on terms and conditions agreed upon by .the parties. City staff and Meadowbrook have agreed to an additional one year extension period.

Meadowbrook will continue to pay the City $1 7,500 for the additional one year term, from November 1, 2007, through October 31, 2008. In response to neighborhood concerns regarding maintenance of the facility, staff if finalizing with Meadowbrook their commitment to adhering to their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) used at their other facilities.

Recommended Action:
Authorize the City Manager to execute an amendment to the Operating Agreement with the Meadowbrook Golf Group, Inc., on behalf of the City of Roanoke, providing for an extension for the term November 1, 2007, through October 31, 2008, and incorporating certain maintenance requirements in such form as approved by the City Attorney.

Authorize the City Manager to take such further action and execute such additional documents as may be necessary to provide for the implementation, administration, and enforcement of such Amendment, as well as the Operating Agreement and any other Amendments.

Darlene L. Burcham
City Manager

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