Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fairways On Property Owned by Roanoke Regional Airport Commission

RED line shows widening of the Runway Protection Zone
PINK area is airport land swap to Roanoke City

There is a 40 year lease of property owned by Roanoke Regional Airport which is the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) or clear zone where no structures can be built. The original owners and subsequent owners of the golf course (now the City of Roanoke) lease the property where many of the golf course fairways reside. This 40 year lease has remained essentially unchanged and ends in November 2008. To continue the golf course operation, it will be necessary to have the Airport Commission grant another lease of this property. Most of us have known that the lease renewal would have been rejected for the previous owner, then Meadowbrook.
Now that Roanoke City will have to continue to operate the golf course it becomes necessary for the term to be extended. I asked this question last night, but it was not answered and I did not press it. However, today I contacted Mr. Townsend and below is his prompt response:
…we will be working with the Airport Commission staff regarding a renewal of the lease that ends in 2008…the terms of which have not been fully explored at this time. So I cannot say at this time that the exact same lease arrangement that has been in place for 40 years will be the exact form/content of what we may negotiate for use of the RPZ for the future. We will have to see what the Airport Commission staff desires as to access/maintenance, etc. of the RPZ in concert with continued golf course use and to what length of term they are willing to consider….but I believe the Airport Commission staff is conducive to working with us collaboratively and collegially.
Brian Townsend
Assistant City Manager for Community Development City of Roanoke

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