Friday, April 10, 2009

Filing Deadline for Primary Produces Meyhem

Mark Powell, Campaign Manager for Martin Jeffrey

Mark Powell, Campaign Manager for Martin Jeffrey

BREAKING: “A shouting match” is what Mark Powell called it when he met Tony Reed, Roanoke City Democratic Committee Chair. Powell is Democratic challenger, Martin Jeffrey’s campaign manager. He met Reed at the Municipal building to give him a few more petition forms prior to the deadline at 5:00 PM. Powell then asked to see incumbent Delegate Onzlee Ware’s documents as specified in the bylaws. They are open to inspection at anytime. Powell said he was denied and a shouting match ensued with Don Caldwell, Commonwealth Attorney who is the real powerhouse in the Democratic Committee.

Powell said he was denied access to Ware’s filing as Treasurer, Evelyn Powers, and Commissioner of Revenue, Sherman Holland stood by in amusement. Per Powell they were “making snide remarks.”. Caldwell and Powers fumbled through the bylaws saying there was no timeline. Reed said he was too busy to go get them. Caldwell threatened to invalidate their campaign while standing face to face and toe to toe with Powell. This went on for 20 minutes. Powell now questions the validity of any filings produced since Caldwell said he could have them by Tuesday. “Who knows what forms or petitions get completed,” in the next few days. No one will really know, said Powell.  Calls to Tony Reed, Don Caldwell, and Evelyn Powers went unanswered.

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