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First Cuccinelli ad goes up staring his wife Teiro Cuccinelli

Springfield, Va. – The Cuccinelli for Governor campaign today announced the  release of its first television ad of the 2013 campaign.  The ad will begin running on statewide television on Monday, April 29th.

Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign Manager Dave Rexrode said, “For most of his adult life, Ken Cuccinelli has worked to make his community, and Virginia, better.  From working the night shift at a homeless shelter, to leading the effort to raise awareness about sexual assault, to representing those with mental illness, Ken has always fought for the most vulnerable in our society.  As Attorney General, he has continued that effort by working to combat human trafficking and stop sexual predators.  This first television ad helps tell the full story of Ken Cuccinelli and how he has spent years working to make Virginia a better place for everyone.”

Text of “All About”

I’m Teiro Cuccinelli.

My husband Ken has spent his life standing up for the vulnerable and those in need.

He’s worked the night shift at a homeless shelter, spent his college days leading efforts to prevent sexual assaults, and represented those suffering from mental illness.

As Attorney General, Ken fought to find and prosecute child predators and human traffickers.

Virginia deserves a Governor who is experienced, principled, and honest.

I think you’ll find that’s what Ken Cuccinelli is all about


About Teiro Cuccinelli

Teiro Cuccinelli was almost the girl next door. Actually, she lived three doors down from Ken’s family’s Northern Virginia home. Ken and Teiro married in 1991, after Ken graduated from the Engineering School at The University of Virginia and Teiro graduated from James Madison University with a Business Degree. After over 20 years of marriage, they have been blessed with five daughters and two sons.  Their oldest is a freshman in college and their youngest just turned four.

While At The University Of Virginia, Cuccinelli Helped Establish The Sexual Assault Facts and Education (SAFE) Group 

“He transformed himself into a self-taught campus expert and agitator on the problem of sexual assault. He helped establish Sexual Assault Facts and Education (SAFE), a student group that raises awareness about the issue, and designed a brochure on preventing sexual assault. Survivors confided in him. It was emotionally scalding work.”  (David Montgomery, “The Rise Of The Confounding Conservative,” Washington Post, 8/1/10)

Cuccinelli Has Worked Hard Both In The Public And Private Sectors To Improve Virginia’s Mental Health System 

“As a state senator and private attorney, he worked to improve the Commonwealth’s mental health system.  In private practice, he served as a court-appointed attorney for individuals in Virginia’s involuntary civil commitment process.”  (Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Web Site,, Accessed 4/25/13)

Cuccinelli Has Spent Several Years Fighting The War Against Human Trafficking

“Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli met with members of the General Assembly Tuesday in a bipartisan effort to promote new legislation to fight human trafficking… He’s been pursuing these crimes for several years, dating back to when he introduced anti-trafficking legislation and served on the Human Trafficking Commission as a senator, which is when he first developed a plan for trafficking prevention in Virginia.” (“Cuccinelli Makes Human Trafficking Virginia’s Top Priority in 2013,” CBS-TV Washington, 01/15/13)

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