Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flood Reduction Project and Greenway Meet Endangered Species

Hannah Court Property

In order to connect the Greenways at Carilion a path will be cut along the river that will require moving Hamilton Terrace road slightly as it goes under the covered pedestrian bridge. This portion of the trail will cost $500,000. It was not part of the flood reduction project and was left for last because of its complexity. The plan is going through a second design review and will be put out for bid in the Spring. There is a moratorium on disturbing the river from March to July as the Log Perch, an endangered species, prohibits any construction near the Roanoke River during those months.

Pathfinders For Greenways donated the survey work along with $35,000 in cash. HSMM donated the design. Carilion verbally pledged $150,000 toward the Greenway and the City of Roanoke puts $200,000 yearly into the Greenway fund in addition to grants. Novozymes Biologicals, under a court ordered plea agreement for violation of the Clean Water Act will spend $250,000 on a parking lot for a proposed park where the Hannah Court Mobile Home Park once stood. It was purchased by the city in 2006 for $1.8 million.

At the Wasena Park location the dam which is actually an inactive covered sewer pipe will be removed. The Hannah Court property will be raised with the excess dirt that equals 10,000 dump truck loads creating a plateau effect. A parking lot will be built with the Novozymes funds at the crest of the property. A 10-foot wide landscaped walking trail will eventually encircle the entire 15 acres and connect to a pedestrian bridge over the river to Wasena Park. The bridge should go out for bid in late spring or early summer. Though the Army Corp of engineers would be responsible for this project the City would share in some of the cost. Removing the Wasena dam will be funded by the Corp due to the expected increase fish activity per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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