Thursday, October 22, 2009

Former Sen. Brandon Bell abandons ship – switches to McDonnell


Former Senator Brandon Bell (R) who lost in the Republican primary against Ralph Smith endorsed Democratic candidate for governor Creigh Deeds early on – perhaps because of his rural roots.

Things aren’t going so well for @creighdeeds so its time to pull the ol’ switcheroo and jump on the poll-perceived winning team. Ahhh, it takes commitment, loyalty and true yellowdog grit to miss the last lifeboat. [yellow-dog: vote Democrat even if he/she is a felon].  None of this true-grit does Bell have or he would still be a Senator. This seems a bit harsh but this proves what early endorsements can lead to and be perceived as. Just look at Virginia’s Democratic Chair, Richard “Dickie” Cranwell and his endorsement in the presidential primary. Cranwell endorsed John Edwards and what an embarrassment that turned out to be.

The Washington Post endorses the Democratic ticket and The Washington Times endorses the Republican. Newspapers with conservative readers endorse Republicans – those with liberal readers endorse Democratic candidates. Editorial boards reflect their papers readers for the most part with only an occasional outlier – like the candidate has no teeth, drools and scratches their genitals during the interview.

Ben Tribbett, NotLarrySabato is one frustrated progressive these days. Then again not that Benjamin has ever shied away from the obvious. If you go to Tribbett’s website be warned that he  is a tad blunt – if you’re “language sensitive” then you better not go there.

In a press release by the McDonnell campaign Bell noted:

“I’ve watched this campaign unfold since both candidates secured their respective nominations. In the four months since that time Bob McDonnell has impressed me with his campaign, and his determined focus on rolling out specific policy proposals for Virginia’s future. His plans to encourage job creation, reform our schools, maximize our energy resources and create new opportunities for Virginians are exactly what we need. Furthermore I am increasingly concerned about the dramatic expansion of the federal government and the impact of that expansion on our everyday lives. I am confident that as our next governor, Bob will stand up for Virginia against any federal policies that may have a negative impact on the Commonwealth and our citizens. His campaign demonstrates his capacity for leadership, and his commitment to Virginia’s future. I strongly endorse Bob McDonnell for governor, and look forward to working with him in the years ahead as he continues to serve the people of Virginia.”

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