Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fourth candidate for William Fleming principal emerges

Two days after felony charges were dropped against Gene T. Jones, Jr. in Norfolk General District Court Roanoke City School Superintendent Rita Bishop introduced Gene T. Jones, Jr. executive director of high schools Wednesday evening as the fourth candidate for principal of William Fleming High School.

It has been almost a year since principal Susan Willis left the school and was eventually fired by the Roanoke City School Board as part of the Fleming SOL cheating scandal.

According to court records the charges against Jones, 50  were dropped June 14. Jones was charged with a class six felony destruction of personal property and class one misdemeanor assault and battery charge.

Luevetta Bellamy, 39 swore out assault and battery charges against Jones three days after the April 25 incident that occurred in Jones’ residence.

Both Jones and Bellamy dropped charges in a mutual agreement. Each paid $75 in court cost Monday.

A retired William Fleming High School teacher who asked to have their name withheld was baffled as to why the fourth candidate was being consideration under the circumstances. “What kind of roll model does this project for the students,” wondered the former teacher.

With the departure of Willis under less then stellar circumstances the retired teacher thought a better choice would be a candidate with no hint of misconduct in their past – a “squeaky clean” principal.

The three other candidates are: Archie Freeman, principal of Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Roanoke; Thomas Haley, principal of the Phoenix Academy in Lancaster, Pa.; and Troy Journigan, principal of Forest Park High School in Clayton County, Ga.

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Bill McClure

June 17th, 2010 at 12:13 AM    

I was really liking Bishop till this. You can argue the “no conviction” angle until blue in the face. At the least anger management issues, at worst, well violent anger management issues. Do we need either in RCPS? Bad judgment to even consider this man. Isn’t this strangely parallel to Gaskins before and after coming to Roanoke? Why are Tidewater rejects automatically better than Roanoke’s finest? Another Faux Pas by our top notch leaders!


June 17th, 2010 at 12:33 AM    

I was surprised as well and Gaskins came to mind first thing too.

Then again he may knock some heads together discipline wise …

This is why it was taking so long. Bishop was waiting for the results of Monday’s court proceedings.

I don’t like secrecy. It makes me wonder if he was “compelled” to leave due to “anger” issues. Issues HR or references could not reveal for fear of liability.

Sometimes glowing references are a means of getting rid of someone when they don’t have enough to fire them.

[…] outcome of assault and battery and class 6 felony charges lodged against him in Norfolk. The charges were dismissed Monday in Norfolk District Court with Jones paying $75 in court […]

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