Monday, May 25, 2009

God Bless Our Service Men and Women Today! Lee Plaza Memorial Service Photos/Video


LEE MEMORIAL PLAZA Memorial Day 2009 – Taps always brings a lump to my throat. Watching 4 Veterans of the “Greatest Generation” stand up to be recognized brought back memories of my father’s WWII stories. He was wounded in “Operation Nordwind” which is sometimes confused with the “Battle of the Bulge.” This offensive was launched by the Germans after they realized their bulge attack had failed. The goals were entirely different and the units involved were different. What compounds the matter is the Army campaign designation Ardennes-Alsace which combines the 2 offensives. Whereas the Battle took place mostly in Belgium, Nordwind took place in the Alsace-Lorraine region of NE France.

The offensive is chronicled in a book by Frank Lowry – CLICK HERE for the book. I came across it accidentally with a google of my father’s name, SSgt Leon Uczynski 70th Infantry Division, A/276. PLEASE take a moment to visit the Trailblazer’s website and view the pictures and listen to the music and understand the horror these brave men (who survived) faced.

Today’s service was well attended. LTC Dan Karnes, President of Roanoke Valley Veterans Council was Master of Ceremonies. Posting of the Colors by

the Honor Guard from William Byrd High School, Junior ROTC. The National Anthem was sung by Bill Bestwich. Invocation was given by Rabbi Fabian Werbin. Mayor Bowers was the speaker and presented LTC Karnes with a proclamation. Taps was played by bugler, Alvin Crutchfield.

It was good to see so many paying their respects. Take a moment to view the pictures and video.

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