Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodlatte’s balanced budget amendment vote this week – video

Congressman Bob Goodlatte

House Republicans held a press conference today highlighting their 20 bipartisan jobs bills that Speaker Boehner says are being held up in the U.S. Senate. “This week the House will take up the three percent withholding penalty for those who do business with the government … and the veterans hiring bill.” These explained Speaker Boehner are all a part of their plan for American Job Creators.

These two bills will be passed to President Obama for signature this week but Boehner criticized the U.S. Senate for holding up the other 20 bills that had passed the House.

The House also plans to introduce a bill to expand U.S. engery production and rebuild America’s infrastructure he said.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-6) expects the Balanced Budget Amendment he introduced to come before the House for a vote this week. “This will bring a strong message that the United States believes very strongly in living within our means,” he said. Goodlatte’s bill would require a super majority for exceeding a balanced budget, a super majority to raise the debt limit and “an absolute majority to raise taxes.”

Economy will collapse without a Balanced Budget Amendment

Balanced Budget Amendment – look past the title says Rep. Bobby Scott

Americans want a balanced budget but don’t touch entitlements polls say

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