Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Got the Roanoke leaf collection blues – try the tree diaper

The Tree Diaper

This is a bit silly but what are Roanoker’s to do. According to Mason Adams article today in The Roanoke Times, bagging your leaves is becoming expensive. They want you now to use paper bags instead of the non biodegradable plastic bags.

One begins to scratch their head as on one hand the city is planting trees and encouraging residents and “requiring” developers to plant them; while on the other hand making it difficult for city residents to dispose of the tree’s fecal matter in the fall.

The leaf police come to your house and fine you $50 for your neighbor’s leaves in the street in front of your house or “so you claim.” Dueling leaf blower fights breakout. “No they aren’t my leaves – they’re his,” says Ralph.

It’s no laughing matter to stressed-out residents of Roanoke City. What’s next? Blame this all on “big government” and city council “Democrats.”

This is a job for “Super Cuccinelli.” Protect us from the overreaching arm of Roanoke City’s leaf police. They have no right to infringe upon our right to “bare leaves.”

Forget the endorsement of the NLA (National Leaf Association) when you run for office again.

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