Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Governor Bob McDonnell on mid-term elections

The Senate race in the 17th District had Republican Bryce Reeves leading Democrat Edward “Edd” Houck by 86 votes. If there is a recount and this holds then the Senate will be evenly split 20-20 giving Republican Lt. Bill Bolling the tie-breaking vote. Essentially giving control of the Senate to the Republicans.

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement tonight after the Republican Party picked up at least six seats in the House of Delegates and won two seats in the State Senate:

“Tonight, Virginia voters have made history. Republicans have gained at least 6 seats in the House of Delegates, bringing our majority to at least 65 members, the highest number Republicans have ever had in that body. In the Senate, Republicans have gained two seats, bringing the Party to 20 seats, with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling holding the tie-breaking vote in the chamber. Over the course of this campaign, Republican candidates have focused on providing common sense solutions to the challenges facing our citizens. And that is how we will govern in the majority. We will continue to put forward common sense policies that will help the private sector create jobs and reform our government to make it more efficient and effective. I want to thank all the candidates, from both parties, who ran for office. Their commitment to public service is what our Commonwealth and country needs. Now, it is time to come together to govern and make this a true “Commonwealth of Opportunity” for all our citizens.”

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