Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Governor McDonnell on election results

Governor Bob McDonnell

Washington D.C.- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement Tuesday night  regarding the 2010 mid-term elections:

“The message sent by the results of today’s races is clear. It is the same message that was sent last year by our victory in the Commonwealth, and Chris Christie’s in New Jersey. The American people want limited government, less spending, a focus on job-creation and fiscal responsibility.

Americans from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all regions of the country are rightly tired of out-of-control spending and the failure of Washington D.C. to focus on the serious challenges they face in their cities and counties every day. Times are tough, but while families budget, Washington just spends. Jobs are scarce, but while Americans seek work, Congress has fiddled with other issues. Tonight’s results should serve to remind officeholders at every level that we are elected to work together to solve the pressing matters with which our citizens are most concerned.

Here in Virginia, I congratulate our newest members of Congress: Robert Hurt in the 5th district; Morgan Griffith in the 9th district; and Scott Rigell in the 2nd district. They won because they advocated positive solutions to our shared challenges. They will represent Virginia well, and I look forward to working with them in the years ahead to get spending under control, make government smaller and more efficient, and create the policy climate that will encourage private sector job creation.

I congratulate Congressman Eric Cantor for his tremendous efforts to make this night possible, and for the increased leadership role that he will assume in the next Congress. I equally congratulate Congressmen Frank Wolf, Rob Wittman and Bob Goodlatte who will now be part of a vibrant and innovative congressional majority. Finally, I want to thank Chuck Smith, and Patrick Murray for the spirited and determined campaigns that they ran. 

The race in Virginia’s 11th district remains too close to call, with Keith Fimian running a very strong race against Democratic incumbent Gerry Connolly.

While it’s still early in some races, it is clearly a great night for Republican governors. I congratulate Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania; Susana Martinez in New Mexico; Rick Snyder in Michigan; Mary Fallin in Oklahoma; Bill Haslam in Tennessee; Scott Walker in Wisconsin; and quite a few others. They will get to work immediately in their respective state capitols to tackle the tough issues, and spark the economic recovery this nation needs. I also thank my good friend Governor Haley Barbour for his tireless efforts this cycle in support of our Republican gubernatorial candidates all across the country. This is an historic election for Republican governors, and Haley has led the way.

Every election is important. But an election only really matters if it is followed by successful governing. The voters who turned out today did not do so only to vote and then move on to other things. They did so because they share – no matter what party they are in or what candidate they supported – the same love of this amazing country; the greatest nation the world has ever known. Now, it is time for the campaign to end. It is time for all of us, including our newly elected governors, senators, representatives and others, to join together to get this nation back on track, our economy back in gear, and our citizens back to work. I look forward to participating in this important work in the years ahead.”

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