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Growing trends in small businesses that you shouldn’t miss


Small businesses are often at the forefront of new business trends; this is because they are small enough to make quick organizational changes. The great thing about adapting to new trends is that they can make any organization much more efficient. One way to find out about new trends is to join a small business association. There are thousands of chapters around the country, joining an association will give one the opportunity to exchange ideas. It is vital for any small business owner to change and adapt in this current economy. Here, are 4 growing trends in small business that you should not miss.

Google Docs
With a small business, sharing information is key. People travel for work, or work in separate offices. With Google Docs, employees can share all of their information and ideas. This works perfect for sharing spreadsheets or power point presentations. The powerful thing about Google Docs is the ability is for users to have the ability to simultaneously edit and view documents. On top of that, Google Docs provides a powerful way to back up files in case of catastrophe.


A small business can truly waste a lot of time and man hours on easy tasks. More and more small business owners are turning to outsourcing for a lot of their projects. A small business with 5-10 employees cannot possibly have an employee to do every task, for example, SEO or IT work. Many smaller businesses have turned to hiring contractors to do the work. This is an efficient way to complete projects while saving a lot of money. Additionally, for work that can be done over the Internet, such as web design. A contractor from anywhere in the world can be hired, possibly saving money as wages are not as high.

Just about every small business should have a website, with a solid SEO plan. There are a few ways to track website visitors, the easiest being Google Analytics. When tracking is properly setup for any website, it can be determined which advertising campaigns are bringing it revenue. Analytics will also tell the user where people are leaving the website, which can help the owner of the site improve. Having analytics is vital and will certainly help with Internet marketing.


Some small business owners scoff at the idea of expanding internationally. Sometimes international markets offer a better venue to sell certain products. Not only because of trends, but because of local economies. For example, a small business that sells surfboards should explore selling their products internationally. A website can be made specially for that country. When expanding, anyone in a niche field should certainly look internationally for new customers.

Any small business owner should watch all of the latest business trends. They do not necessarily have to use them all. When watching business trends, a small business owner could also tweak the trend to their needs. Most of the new up and coming trends are sure to be in the technological arena. The great thing about this is, businesses can now be run with ease from anywhere in the world. Tracking trends will certainly help just about any small business, large or small.

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