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Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Moran Fights Back

ALEXANDRIA – Brian Moran’s campaign manager, Andrew Roos, released the following statement in response to Terry McAuliffe’s negative attack mailer on Brian Moran that arrived in mailboxes.

The mailer is available here:

“Brian Moran will take no lectures on ethics from the booking agent of the Lincoln bedroom and the architect of the Business Leadership Forum. The last place we would go for a public service lesson is a Wall Street insider. For decades, Mr. McAuliffe traded access for money, ensuring that big companies – not people – were in control, all the while pocketing millions through his proximity to power.  This mailer is all the more ironic given Mr. McAuliffe’s repeated pledge to run a positive campaign. Virginians need a Governor who they can trust.

For months, Terry McAuliffe has stretched the truth and tried to reinvent his record. This dishonest attack on Brian Moran’s leadership in Richmond proves that Terry McAuliffe cannot be trusted.”

McAuliffe has made his pledge to remain positive a cornerstone of his campaign.

Note. Fred Wertheimer,  President of Democracy 21, a campaign finance watchdog group, once called McAuliffe “a classic example of what’s wrong with this political system.  He thinks he’s doing something great for democracy. What he is is a middleman buying and selling influence over government policies.”  (Los Angeles Times, “Democratic Fund-Raising King has 26 Million Reasons to Gloat; Brash, Unapologetic Terry McAuliffe Helps Party Raise  ‘Greatest Amount of Money Ever,’ Critics Decry ‘Political Extortion’” May 23, 2000)

McAuliffe’s Record of Dishonesty & Exaggeration

McAuliffe Claim: I’ve Created 100,000 Jobs.
The Facts:

McAuliffe Claim: I Cared About Virginia Before I Ran.
The Facts:

McAuliffe Claim: I’ll Never Take Money from Dominion.
The Facts:

McAuliffe Claim: I Built Thousands of Homes a Year
The Facts:

McAuliffe Claim: I Campaigned for Mark Warner in 2001
The Facts:

Read ‘em all:


Business Leadership Forum:
McAuliffe‘s “Cover Charge” for
Access Scheme


McAuliffe was head of the DNC’s Business Leadership Forum. The Forum raised money from lobbyists and provided access to administration officials.


§  June 1993: Selling Access. The DNC’s Business Leadership Forum, headed by McAuliffe,  received fundraising pledges from lobbyists in exchange for briefings and access to top administration officials.  The APreported that the practice of providing access and policy briefings was becoming more successful than traditional fundraising methods.  McAuliffe, who headed the DNC’s Business Leadership Forum, said that people attending the briefings weren’t interested in traditional fundraising mores.  According to McAuliffe: “The people we’re bringing in could care less about going to a dinner or lunch, or going into the White House to have their picture taken.”  (Associated Press, “Lobbyists Swap Campaign Cash for ‘Exclusive, Personal’ Briefings,” June 2, 1993)


§  The DNC was hosting weekly breakfast briefings for lobbyists at a downtown law firm.  The lobbyists, in turn, sold tickets to large fundraisers, including the President’s Dinner.  Tickets to the President’s Dinner cost $1,500 each.  High-level aides and members of President Clinton’s cabinet attended these briefings.  According to the Associated Press,  briefers included Matt Gorman, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen’s director of business liaison; Tom Nides, top aide to Special Trade Representative Mickey Kantor; and White House aide Amy Zisook.  (Associated Press, “Lobbyists Swap Campaign Cash for ‘Exclusive, Personal’ Briefings,” June 2, 1993)


§  October 1993, McAuliffe hosts lobbyist “shindig”. The National Journal reports that the Business Leadership Forum was planning a “big shindig” for its donors in late November.  The forum scheduled a three-day conference and retreat at the Orlando Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress.  National Journal reported that donors would have opportunities to meet high-level administration officials, members of Congress, and possibly President Clinton himself.  The schedule included morning meetings and “afternoons left free for golf, tennis and other recreation.”  (The National Journal, “Washington Update,” October 16, 1993)


§  McAuliffe known as a lobbyist, himself. National Journalreported that the Forum had been headed by McAuliffe since early that year.  It described him as “a well-known Democratic fund raiser who is the managing partner of McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaelli, a Washington lobbying firm.”  The group had held a day-long conference at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington in early October featuring a dinner with Vice President Gore and a speech by DNC chairman David Wilhelm.  (The National Journal, “Washington Update,” October 16, 1993)

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