Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gubernatorial Candidates Slug It Out In Blacksburg – Video

Moran, Deeds, and McAuliffe debate.

Moran, Deeds, and McAuliffe debate.

If you read the post on the Brian Moran fundraiser Wednesday held prior to the debate in Blacksburg then you could see this coming. Moran takes on Terry McAuliffe sarcastically calling him “Mr. Positive”  when McAuliffe repeatedly espouses that he is not running a negative campaign. At every debate and stump speech McAuliffe says, “you will never hear me say a negative word about a fellow Democrat.”

Well Moran could take it no longer and I can vouch for receiving those emails attacking Moran.

Creigh Deeds also gave McAuliffe a few licks saying that he was on board with then President Clinton’s support of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Ben Tribbett of Not Larry Sabato kept the debate time under control. I thanked him for saving me a seat at the Lyric Theatre – it was packed. I decided to sit in the back with WDBJ7’s Joe Dashiell instead. Jane Hamsher firedoglake, David Grant, Collegiate Times’ and Nico Putney of  The Huffington Post took questions from twitter. Lt. Governor candidates Jon Bowerbank and Mike Signer were there as was the unopposed Steve Shannon running for Attorney General. The Virginia Party Chair, “Dickie” Cranwell was there.

Watch the video and the barbed exchanges. Watch the video when they talk about the amendment to Virginia’s constitution defining marriage. Moran said he would work to repeal it. He believes that the constitution is meant to protect and not discriminate against minorities.





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