Monday, December 13, 2010

Habeeb calls health care ruling a victory for Virginians

Greg Habeeb is the Republican candidate for 8th district house of delegates special election to be held on January 11, 2011.

SALEM – In a statement release from his headquarters today, Greg Habeeb, Republican nominee for the House of Delegates, hailed Judge Hudson’s ruling against President Obama’s health care reform legislation as a victory for the people of Virginia.

“For too long the Federal government has expanded the scope and authority of federal regulation under the auspices of the Commerce Clause,” said Habeeb. “This judgment is a victory in the war to restore the proper balance between government and the people.”

In a ruling issued earlier today, Federal Judge Henry Hudson struck down the individual mandate in the president’s health care bill. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli brought suit against the legislation on behalf of the state of Virginia. 

Habeeb praised Cuccinelli’s courage in leading the fight to have the individual mandate in the health care reform bill declared unconstitutional. “As Attorney General Cuccinelli so eloquently argues, ‘if the Federal government is now permitted to regulate the lack of commercial activity and to compel the purchase of a private product in the private market place, there is nothing left outside the scope of the Federal government,’” he said.

“I commend Attorney General Cuccinelli for taking the lead in this fight and I want to commend the Republicans in the Virginia legislature and the handful of their brave Democratic colleagues who stood up for Virginia and passed the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act – the law which served as the underpinning for Virginia’s legal challenge.

“I look forward to working with members of both parties in Richmond to craft commonsense legislation that improves access to healthcare, reduces costs and protects the quality of care,” Habeeb said.

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