Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween is not a celebration of satan

My Halloween costume in Catholic school

The government should stay out of moving holidays. If they feel so inclined they should educate those who think Halloween is a celebration of Satanism.

Brian Gottstein in 2004 wrote a column on the history of Halloween and suggests that government might be accused of religious discrimination if it tinkers with the holiday. Gottstein is now attorney general Ken Cuccinelli’s director of communications. CLICK HERE for Gottstein’s column. 

It is a secular holiday. It is not a pagan Satan-worshiping holiday. There is no business that gives you the day off.

Children need to be taught the history of Halloween. I would wager 90% of children and maybe even that many adults think it a celebration of the devil.

The Celts first celebrated October 31 at the end of a successful harvest. They celebrated with bonfires and dressed up in costumes. The costumes were meant to ward off the spirits of the dead. They believed the date marked an opening where the spirits of the dead could come back and damage future crops.

The “trick-or-treat” part of Halloween evolved from All Souls Day. The poor would go door to door soliciting handouts of food. It was also called All Saint’s Day – a day for Catholics to honor all the ordained saints of the church.

Halloween has morphed into a healthy capitalistic commercial day. You just have to visit some homes to see just how much money is spent for decorating. It rivals Christmas when it comes to candy purchases. Commercialism is alive and well in America. The politically conservative should take some solace in it. Maybe that is why Christine O’Donnell “dabbled in witchcraft.” <I couldn’t resist mentioning her.>

Roanoke City council should stay out of this debate – if there is one. There is at least some chance that someone will speak at city council on the subject. The Blue Ridge Caucus seems to have stirred the pot on the subject. Dan Casey’s columndid little to dispel the Halloween Satanic myth but does bring more humor to it. According to Casey Halloween will officially be a Sunday event though any church or mall can celebrate it as they please. That’s what we in Amerca call “freedom.”

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