Thursday, February 5, 2009

HB 2314 State Police Volunteer Chaplaincy Program PASSED in House 66 to 30 – Video

HB 2314 State Police Volunteer Chaplaincy Program; established.
floor: 02/04/09 House: VOTE: — PASSAGE (66-Y 30-N)

Today there was debate on this bill: HB 2314 State Police Volunteer Chaplaincy Program which PASSED in House 66 to 30 – to allowsthe Superintendent of State Police to establish a Voluntary Chaplaincy Program. Do we really need to be spending time in litigation? Spending taxpayer dollars on a NO-WIN court challenge.

YEAS–Abbitt, Albo, Armstrong, Athey, Barlow, Bell, Bowling, Byron, Carrico, Cline, Cole, Cosgrove, Cox, Crockett-Stark, Dance, Fralin, Frederick, Gilbert, Griffith, Hamilton, Hogan, Iaquinto, Ingram, Janis, Joannou, Johnson, Jones, Kilgore, Knight, Landes, Lewis, Lingamfelter, Lohr, Loupassi, Marshall, D.W., Marshall, R.G., Massie, May, McQuinn, Merricks, Miller, J.H., Miller, P.J., Morgan, Nixon, Nutter, O’Bannon, Oder, Orrock, Peace, Phillips, Pogge, Poindexter, Pollard, Purkey, Putney, Rust, Saxman, Scott, E.T., Shannon, Sherwood, Tata, Tyler, Valentine, Ware, R.L., Wright, Mr. Speaker–66.

NAYS–Alexander, Amundson, Bouchard, Brink, Bulova, Caputo, Ebbin, Eisenberg, Englin, Hall, Herring, Howell, A.T., Hull, Marsden, Mathieson, McClellan, Melvin, Morrissey, Nichols, Plum, Poisson, Scott, J.M., Shuler, Sickles, Spruill, Toscano, Vanderhye, Ward, Ware, O., Watts–30.


NOT VOTING–BaCote, Gear, Hargrove, Hugo–4.

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