Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HB 2386 Stop for Pedestrians – Fralin to vote “NO”

In a phone call from Delegate William Fralin after receiving urging (instigated by Barbara Durek) Fralin still plans to vote “NO.” In an explanation he advise that it would create other safety issues. A State Police Officer was on the committee and advised them that this was the case. However, he will try to get amendments to it but does not believe they will be supported. Below is the email from Barbara Durek about the HG 2386:
TO: Roanoke Valley Advocates
DATE: Tuesday, January 27, 2009
RE: HB 2386, Crosswalk, Motor Vehicles STOP for Pedestrians
Arlington Police requested similar Cross Walk legislation several years ago. In the Transportation Committee meeting Tuesday afternoon, January 27, 2009 HB 2386 was discussed and PASSED 14-6 out of committee. Links to supporting documents are at the end of this communication. Delegate William Fralin serves on the committee and has in the past and continues to voice objection and vote NO on this bill.Stop vs yield is needed for enforcement purposes.
If a car is required to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk there is no question to whom is at fault if a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle.Think about the crosswalks in the Grandin Road and South Roanoke village areas. Think about the crosswalks in Roanoke’s downtown. Think about the crosswalks near the schools. When there are pedestrians in the crosswalks,cars need to stop for the pedestrians. Arguments given that state, “yield works” have been proven harmful to pedestrians.Arguments that say, “stop could be used to block traffic” are unfounded.Ask Delegate Fralin to support the rights of pedestrians to safely cross streets in designated crosswalks. Ask him to support HB 2386 when it comes to a vote on the floor of the General Assembly. FAX 804-698-6717; phone 698-1017;
CC: College of Health Science
Safe Kids Coalition
BikeWalk Roanoke Chapter
Roanoke City Schools
Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission

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