Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Incumbent Delegate Onzlee Ware Announces Reelection Bid – Video

With many high profile supporters, Democrat incumbent delegate Onzlee Ware announced his reelection bid. Ware was surrounded and praised by fellow Democrat Minority leader Delegate Ward Armstrong 10th District that includes Martinsville.

Former Delegate “Chip” Woodrum, Commonwealth Attorney, Don Caldwell, Clerk of Court Brenda Hamilton, Commissioner of Revenue Sherman Holland, City Treasurer Evelyn Powers, and Council members Court Rosen, Rupert Cutler, Dave Trinkle, and Gwenn Mason (running for the 17th district herself).

Ware’s opponent for the primary is Martin Jeffrey. Jeffrey’s campaign manager, Mark Powell is seen here shaking Ware’s hand.

Ware says “he is a fighter” and his opponent will need every waking moment in challenging him. He has “team Ware” pointing to those surrounding him. The highlights are in the video here and Delegate Ward Armstrongs speech followes Ware’s remarks.


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paula s wernke

August 27th, 2015 at 4:14 PM    

one of the things that the news station forgot when firing Bryce williams is that he was a human being. in his comments he said that the shooter feelings were not merrited. these words alone tells me the guy has no idea what he is talking about. i hold him responsible for the killings as much as the shooter as we can not discount anyone’s feeling. that is what is wrong with all of this. the not understanding each other. this killins could have been avoided but as long as we have people in the world who are ignorant. these horrible events will continue. we need to change peoples minds jeff marks is ignorant

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