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Internal Poll Has Brian Moran Support Surging

Moran Support Surges in State Canvass Numbers; Lead Widens in NOVA, Pulls Even in Hampton, Makes Significant Gains in Richmond and Roanoke

ALEXANDRIA – According to internal Moran campaign canvass numbers of Virginia voters, Moran’s margins in Northern Virginia have swelled over the past several days while his statewide canvassing poll shows he has pulled even in Hampton Roads and has made great strides in Richmond and Roanoke.   

Yesterday, the Moran campaign received some of the best results of the campaign and saw a notable uptick in support while phone banking likely primary voters. The campaign made 36,478 calls to highly likely primary voters in Northern Virginia and saw Moran’s consistent lead there surge after information about the records of his two opponents was made clear.  In Hampton Roads, Moran’s canvass calls reached 23,454 likely primary voters and found that Moran’s support has increased significantly, moving the race into a virtual three-way tie.

In Richmond, Moran’s canvass reached 22,399 likely voters and found that Moran is now within the margin of one of his opponents, while leading the other by several percentage points.  And in Roanoke, where Moran just last week began his advertising campaign, his support has risen 150 percent among likely voters.

“The trend lines are all moving in the right direction, and we are closing hard with momentum at the right time,” Campaign ManagerAndrew Roos said.  “We know the outcome on Tuesday will be about turnout and which campaign best gets its voters to the polls. Clearly as voters have now gotten information about our opponents’ records, they are concluding that Brian Moran not only has the best record but gives Democrats the absolute best chance at winning in November.  You couple this information with polls that show both Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe losing to Bob McDonnell in November in Northern Virginia, an area in which Brian beats McDonnell and a Democrat has to win big, and we think we have turned a very important corner with the voters.”

In addition to this good news, Moran is touting the endorsement of the Falls Church News-Press.  That paper said, “Moran has a wealth of experience fighting for both the betterment of Virginia and progressive values. As a Northern Virginian he brings a depth of knowledge of the region’s needs unmatched by his two opponents.” (

In Danville and Martinsville this afternoon rallying local supports, Moran picked up the endorsement of local Danville Councilman Adam Tomer.

“Our region needs someone who will wake up every day fighting to create jobs and grow our economy,” Tomer said. “Brian Moran took interest in Danville long before he was running for Governor and knows what we need to get going again. I’ve known Brian for 20 years. He’s fought for better jobs with benefits, making the people of Virginia his focus. Now he’ll make that priority number one as Governor.”

The campaign continued to pick up momentum and support in the Southwestern regions of the state, surprising analysts and pundits. Moran recently received the support of the Chairman of the 9th District Democratic Committee Tom Brewster, the Sheriff of Montgomery County Tommy Whitt and other local elected officials. At a tour stop in Roanoke today, he was introduced by Roanoke Senator John Edwards.

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