Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Irish Republican group endorses Griffith

CHRISTIANSBURG _ The Irish American Republicans (www.IrishGOP.com), a 130-year-old coalition of Irish Americans who support the principles of free markets, low taxes, limited government, individual liberty, and US support for Peace and Justice in Ireland, are proud to endorse Morgan Griffithfor election to the US Congress.

 The group said: “The Irish American Republicans are calling upon all Irish Americans to support Morgan Griffith, a true friend of Ireland. Morgan will fight to cut the deficit, end out-of-control spending, repeal Obama-care and support a strong national defense.” stated Grant Lally, national Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans. Morgan Griffith believes that people, not the government, are the foundation of our country.”

“This election is too important for the future of our country. We need Morgan Griffith in the US Congress “concluded Jeffrey Cleary, national Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans. “Morgan’s opponent is a big spending, high taxing supporter of the Obama-care Pelosi, Reid policy that are failing our nation. The choice is clear: Morgan Griffith for US Congress.”

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