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Is the city serious about storm water management or is it just lip service?

Storm Water Drainage Map to Trane and Lick Run

UPDATE Tuesday: No one seemed to get that adding to tributaries that carry water downstream (downtown) adds up. Add a little here, add a little there – it is already a flood plain and is meant to carry water to the Roanoke River. The crumbling footbridge will stay as there are no funds to remove it. The reason it is low priority is that there are no homes threatened. The growing holes on the roadway to the Holiday Inn were ignored. So be careful if you travel the road to the hotel. You don’t want to be the one on it when it caves in.

On another note as I sat next to assistant manager Brian Townsend he a alluded to Newbern Properties LLC expanding to adjacent property (fairway 2). Townsend even drew lines where the access roads would be. Hmmm … sounds like one of those backdoor negotiations again. A FOIA request is tempting except I’m not surprised with this one. Newbern said in 2005 he was the one wanting to buy a portion of the golf course from Meadowbrook. Not all of it but 40 acres at and around Frontage Road.

Newbern met with the VP of Toll Brothers and forsaw their pullout before the city knew. That is why I kept pressing for FOIA material every week. I knew that letter was coming. Darlene Burcham looked at me with contempt at the time when I told her “I knew the letter was coming.”


Monday a public hearing to reopen and widen a drainage ditch to the Lick Run tributary will be on the table for council’s approval. The way it reads it is only a formality.

Unless council has more information in its packet then what is online they don’t have the whole story. It should raise a red flag. I have serious doubt that council members read what is in their packets anyway.

Trane view from Frontage Road and crumbling footbridge

I sent these photos in and plan to speak on the matter. There is no need to add more water to the flood plain. Ingersoll/Rand (Trane) located on Frontage Road and Highland Farm Road is expanding in Northwest Roanoke.

According to GIS the storm water pipes take water from the Countryside Apartments and Tuckawana Circle to Trane then to a retention pond. The pipe has been inoperable for many years and should stay that way.

The very large old J&J building uses retention ponds and doesn’t dump their storm water runoff into Lick Run.

Use the retention pond already designated on GIS that is situated on the Newbern property. It certainly looks like council will have no idea that this open drainage ditch will carry apartment and street runoff along with the Trane’s parking lot.

The collapsed footbridge still blocks debris when it rains. The drainage ditch will empty its contents upstream from the bridge according to the drawing on the agenda.

Down stream the torrent of water in heavy rains already is eroding the roadway on both sides leading up to the Holiday Inn or Ordway.

Heavy Rain backs up in front of Trane

The situation there is dangerous. My neighbors who walk the area have reported it to engineering months ago when the holes were much smaller.

This Lick Run Tributary leads to Evans Spring where they already have storm water issues from Lick Run. You know – __it all flows downstream. .

They will pass this anyway. The city just gives lip service to storm water management but when it comes down to it – they keep adding more and more water when there are other options.

The Department of Environmental Quality has already been involved with the past erosion – but lets not ruffle the feathers of a business expansion no matter the ecological cost.

Roanoke Regional Airport ignores environmental debacle – video

Roanoke City Council gets a lesson in stormwater “trickle down” economics

Road leading up to the Holiday Inn on Ordway

Hole at Holiday Inn on Ordway

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